General Information: 

We hold our meetings the SECOND SATURDAY of each month at the Millarville Community Church (1 km east of Highway 22 on Highway 549.)

Our gatherings begin at 9:30 am and run from September – June.


Set Up Information

If you are on Set Up here are some guidelines.  Remember you are expected to stay the majority of the day (till 4pm at the latest)

  • Please arrive at 8:45 a.m
  • Please make Coffee – Directions for making the coffee are on the side of the fridge and the access to the usable water is in the lower cupboard to the right of the sink (Don’t use the tap water, it won’t poison us, it just doesn’t taste very good.)
  • Please bring cream and milk for coffee and tea, and some snacks.
  • Please set up the tables for the sewing – The tables are located in the  closet off the area outside the kitchen.
  • Please return the tables and chairs to their original position at the end of the day. – They should be returned to their original places at the conclusion of the day.
  • Please do the Dishes at the end of the day – Dishes should be washed and put away and the coffee emptied before the church is locked up.



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