Updated requirements for Saturday

Updated instructions for games on Saturday May 12

HI everyone, Chris sent a message for everyone with some slight tweaks to the instructions we had in our last post.  Sorry if there’s any confusion but please do plan to join in as this will be a truly fun activity.

Hello Ladies,

Please forgive the confusion but I think we need to simplify the plan for Strip Poker on Saturday so that everyone has fun, the winners take away a set of similar fabrics that might make up a small project, and the consensus is to perhaps play again at some point in the near future.

If you are interested in participating, please bring

3 x 2-1/2” strips x WOF in CHRISTMAS PRINTS and

3 x 2-1/2” strips x WOF in BATIKS.

Gwynneth and Kathy will divide those participating into two even groups and the game will begin.

While you have three strips you will roll three dice.

When you have only two strips you roll two dice.

When you have only one strip you roll one dice.

The strips change hands at a rapid rate of knots so you could actually lose all three strips on the first roll and still end up winning the lottery!

Each dice has an “R” which means passing a strip to the person on your right.

The “L” means passing a strip to the person on your left.

The “C” requires you to put a strip in the centre (to be collected by the winner later on) The black dot is a free pass.

Now that probably sounds as clear as mud, but the fog will lift once the game is under way.

When you have given up your last strip, that does not necessarily mean you are out of the game, not yet …..

You may get a strip back from one or both of the people on each side of you, but if that does not happen in the next pass around the table then you are OUT of the game.

Good luck to one and all!


Set Up & Clean Up

Denise G isn’t able to make it this Saturday so if someone would kindly show up early to take her place it would be greatly appreciated.

See you all Saturday!




May Guild Meeting

May 12, 2018


Come for 9:30 and be ready to Show & Tell what you’ve been working on in the last month, quarter, year…..

  • Strip Poker
  • Show and Tell
  • Sew in the afternoon

jelly roll strips 1Don’t forget that we’re going to be having some fun with “Strip” Poker. We mean 2.5″ x WOF strips of your favourite fabrics (or any other fabrics that meet these criteria).  Bring 3 strips for each game. Everyone will like play 2 games (so that’s 6 strips). One game will be ALL Batiks. Some may want to play 3 games so bring 3 strips for that game also if you wish.  The winner will go home with a whole bunch of 2.5″ strips that they can get super creative with.jelly roll strips 3


Remember that in the afternoon is the MOther’s Day tea.  Anyone wishing to stay and attend is welcome to do so.


For those that want to sew in the afternoon, set up will be in the back rooms for this.

Set up and Clean up Crew:

Denise G, Barb L, Maxine O, Linda M.  Please remember to bring cream/milk for coffee & tea.

June Meeting

This is the big reveal. Don’t forget to finish your entry for the Quilt show that will showcase what you’ve learned about colour this past Guild year.  Dimensions 36 x 36.

Must be quilted by you.

Colour wheel wickopedia Mar 2018