Summer Summary

Hello all FNQG members and quilters.

Summer is in full swing and the last meeting of the year was really great! Thank you to everyone who brought the delicious food for the potluck and to all those who participated in the colour theory challenge.  Beautiful quilts all around. We’ll share photos as they become available.  For those who were unable to be at the June meeting you can bring your challenge quilt to show and tell in September. We’d still love to see it.

A post will be published in August to give some details about September’s first meeting so sit back, relax, have your vacation, and keep on quilting!

Comfort and Charity Quilts

Hello Ladies,

I apologize to those who attended the lovely wind-up meeting and luncheon this morning that this report was not quite finished, but I Had to top up the Church cupboard in the office before I could document how many quilts had been distributed and to where.

Report for the 2017-18 Guild year is as follows –

Neonatal (Kelly)                                                      4

Sheldon Kennedy (Quilts from the Heart)       1

ALS/MS (Ellie)       5  (3 today and 2 more finished and ready to pass to Ellie in September)

Church Cupboard    3 for Men; 5 for Ladies; 3 for Children

Total quilts distributed (2017/2018 guild year)     21

Many thanks to all the Members who helped in any way on these quilts by donating fabric and flannel backing, making tops, quilting, binding, making labels and hand stitching.   It was definitely a team effort!

Have a GREAT summer!   See you in September!

With hugs,  Chris

New opportunity for quilt donations


Patty Jo who’s a member quilt guild has a charity called quilts 4 everyday heroes. She’s looking for quilt donations. The info is on the website:


Have a great summer!



June 9, 2018 Year End FNQG Meeting

Wow, another year is coming to a close! And what a year it’s been. Plenty of comfort quilts, placements,  lots of show and tell, and a fabulous dive into the world of colour theory.      Rainbow heart

The colour wheel, transparencies, and the various pears we all worked on were an absolutely wonderful way to learn about colour in a tangible way. Thank you to Ana, Shirley H. and the organizing committee for a wonderful year of learning.

Agenda for  June 9:

Start time 9:30 a.m.

  • Show and Tell

  • Viewer’s Choice



Our goal this year is to have everyone enter! All techniques that you will need to complete the challenge will be taught by April.

Here are the parameters:

  • 36” square
  • Applying one of the colour schemes taught during the year
  • To show what you have learned about colour
  • Must be quilted by you
  • Design can be anything
  • You will be asked to explain how you used the colour wheel at the June meeting


Set-Up and Clean-Up crew:

Carla L, Kathy K, Cheryl M, and Fiona M.

Please remember cream/milk for coffee & tea.

Heritage Park Quilt Festival

The weather couldn’t have been better.  They were awesome sunny, warm days to meander through the park enjoying all the quilts on display.

Thank you to everyone who helped with the guild booth set-up, shifts at the booth , and the tear down at the end.  Once again this year Mary did an absolutely fabulous job of organizing everything and everyone.  Many, many thanks Mary.

Updated requirements for Saturday

Updated instructions for games on Saturday May 12

HI everyone, Chris sent a message for everyone with some slight tweaks to the instructions we had in our last post.  Sorry if there’s any confusion but please do plan to join in as this will be a truly fun activity.

Hello Ladies,

Please forgive the confusion but I think we need to simplify the plan for Strip Poker on Saturday so that everyone has fun, the winners take away a set of similar fabrics that might make up a small project, and the consensus is to perhaps play again at some point in the near future.

If you are interested in participating, please bring

3 x 2-1/2” strips x WOF in CHRISTMAS PRINTS and

3 x 2-1/2” strips x WOF in BATIKS.

Gwynneth and Kathy will divide those participating into two even groups and the game will begin.

While you have three strips you will roll three dice.

When you have only two strips you roll two dice.

When you have only one strip you roll one dice.

The strips change hands at a rapid rate of knots so you could actually lose all three strips on the first roll and still end up winning the lottery!

Each dice has an “R” which means passing a strip to the person on your right.

The “L” means passing a strip to the person on your left.

The “C” requires you to put a strip in the centre (to be collected by the winner later on) The black dot is a free pass.

Now that probably sounds as clear as mud, but the fog will lift once the game is under way.

When you have given up your last strip, that does not necessarily mean you are out of the game, not yet …..

You may get a strip back from one or both of the people on each side of you, but if that does not happen in the next pass around the table then you are OUT of the game.

Good luck to one and all!


Set Up & Clean Up

Denise G isn’t able to make it this Saturday so if someone would kindly show up early to take her place it would be greatly appreciated.

See you all Saturday!




May Guild Meeting

May 12, 2018


Come for 9:30 and be ready to Show & Tell what you’ve been working on in the last month, quarter, year…..

  • Strip Poker
  • Show and Tell
  • Sew in the afternoon

jelly roll strips 1Don’t forget that we’re going to be having some fun with “Strip” Poker. We mean 2.5″ x WOF strips of your favourite fabrics (or any other fabrics that meet these criteria).  Bring 3 strips for each game. Everyone will like play 2 games (so that’s 6 strips). One game will be ALL Batiks. Some may want to play 3 games so bring 3 strips for that game also if you wish.  The winner will go home with a whole bunch of 2.5″ strips that they can get super creative with.jelly roll strips 3


Remember that in the afternoon is the MOther’s Day tea.  Anyone wishing to stay and attend is welcome to do so.


For those that want to sew in the afternoon, set up will be in the back rooms for this.

Set up and Clean up Crew:

Denise G, Barb L, Maxine O, Linda M.  Please remember to bring cream/milk for coffee & tea.

June Meeting

This is the big reveal. Don’t forget to finish your entry for the Quilt show that will showcase what you’ve learned about colour this past Guild year.  Dimensions 36 x 36.

Must be quilted by you.

Colour wheel wickopedia Mar 2018

April Showers = more time for quilting

April Guild meeting –  Saturday, April 14

Come and be ready to start for 9:30 a.m.

Machine Quilting Forum –

  • Have questions about free motion quilting?
  • want to get some tips on binding?
  • what kind of thread should I use?
  • Does needle size matter?

Bring your machine and a sample quill sandwich and try out a variety of quilting techniques with experts coaching from a variety of instructors.

Show and Tell

Sew in the afternoon

 Set-Up and Clean-Up crew: Linda dB, Liz L, Pat S, and Pasty F-D.   Pat and Patsy did it last month too but said it was no big deal and would do it again. Thank you for volunterring.

Ujamaa Grandmas

fabric stack

Do you have fabric you are no longer ‘in love’ with that is cluttering up your space and cramping your creativity? Bring it to guild meeting on Saturday and donate it to the Ujamaa Grandmas fabric sale, happening April 20th and 21st. A member of Ujamaa Grandmas will gratefully ensure that your generous donation gets delivered to the sale.  You can get more detail about Ujamaa Grandmas here:


CQA logo

CQA thank you letter for FNQG donation to support 2018 Quilt Canada show

Canada150 Quilt Letter F


Victoria's Quilts

Victoria’s Quilts – Calgary Branch

3rd Annual Fabric Sale  – April 29th, 2018

11a.m. – 2p,m.       See poster for details.


March – Is Spring coming?

snow on patio  …    daffodils

March – what we have and what we hope for……

FNQG Meeting, March 10, 2018

Our emotions affect many things in our life. How we perceive events and things we see. The reverse is true also, the things we see and what happens in our lives bring on emotional responses. The amount of snow we received at retreat this past weekend evoked several emotions…. the beauty o nature freshly covered in a quilt of snow, thankfulness that we were warm and had electricity to keep sewing,  trepidation about whether we’d be able to leave retreat to go home on Sunday. Did you know that colour can and does affect your emotions?  Advertising and marketing experts use these principles all the time.  Come on Saturday to learn from Ana about Colour as Emotions and see if you can find ways to use or create emotions in the  colours of your quilts.

  • Colour of Emotions Workshop  (bring your magazines, scissors, and glue sticks)
  • Show and Tell (those who attended the Spring Quilt Retreat be sure to bring your fabulous protects you worked on there, those that didn’t go to Retreat show us what you’ve been working on at home)
  • Sew in the afternoon

Set-up and Clean-up crew form March: Pat S, Patsy FD, Ellie dN, and Pauline S. Please remember milk/cream for tea & coffee.

Workshop begins precisely at 9:30.

Challenge 2018  Colour wheel wickopedia Mar 2018

Our goal this year is to have everyone enter! All techniques that you will need to complete the challenge will be taught by April.

Here are the parameters:

  • 36” square
  • Applying one of the colour schemes taught during the year
  • To show what you have learned about colour
  • Must be quilted by you
  • Design can be anything
  • You will be required to explain how you used the colour wheel at the June

Upcoming events

Lethbridge quilt guild

Is proud to present

Terry Aske

Quilted Portrait from a Photo-People or Pets

April 22-10:30-am-5:00 pm

April 23 9:30 am to 4:00 pm

Trunk show-April 24, at regular Guild meeting

(see poster for more details)Terry Aske Poster class April2018


February Guild Meeting Saturday Feb 10

Hi Everyone,  Sorry for the late post. Time really got away from me the past 2 weeks.  Anyone know how to slow it own?

February 10, 2018

  • Achromatic Workshop (bring your magazines, scissors, and glue sticks)
  • Show and Tell
  • Sew in the afternoon

Set up: Sheryll, Fiona

Clean Up: We need volunteers for clean up as no one has signed up for this for February.

 Upcoming Events

The Alberta Quilt Study Society

Documentation Day      Sunday February 11, 2018            9:00 – 3:30

St Andrews Heights Community Hall

2504 13 Ave NW, Calgary, AB T2N 1L8

To make an appointment if you have a quilt to document – new or old – it takes about an hour and the details describing what we do are on our website

We are always looking for volunteers – no experience necessary.

 Quilt a long                        Monday February 12, 2018          9:00 – 3:00

Bring a project along – hand or machine

Contact Shirley for phone number of organizer.

 Canmore Mountain Cabin Quilters Guild

March 3rd to March 20 th 2018,we will be holding the guild’s Artistic Visions Show « Doors »  Visions SHOW POSTER 8.5×11 Mar 3,2018

Location: Elevation Place’s Canmore Art Gallery in Canmore.

Hélène Villeneuve – Publicity Coordinator for the MCQG 2018 Visions Show

Heritage Park Quilt Festival Dinner 2018

Cost:$75.00 plus GST

May 26th, 2018

Guest speaker: Gloria Loughman.  She is also instructing at Quilt Canada and her workshops have already sold out.

If anyone would like to go, or is interested but not sure, they can email Mary D.


Updates and details for January events

Friday Fun Night

Where: Millarville Community Church (where we have our Guild meetings)

When: Friday, January 12, 2018  6 p.m.

Details: Chili and buns will be supplied for supper.

If you want to bring a dessert you are more than welcome to.  Mmmm….

If you want popcorn to eat during the movie you can bring yourself a bag of Micorwave popcorn to pop up and enjoy.

Dress code: PJs

Guild Meeting Saturday, January 13, 2018

For the workshop – please bring your magazines (can be the same as you used last month), a pair of paper scissors, and a glue stick.

Since we don’t have many people signed up for set-up & clean-up if someone wants to help out by bringing coffee time snacks that would be appreciated.

Again, don’t forget your Show & Tell!

Come for the workshop, stay to sew in the afternoon.  Watt a great way to spend a cold January Saturday.

See you all soon!




January 2018

Happy New Year! Welcome 2018

Christmas gift bags2,2017

Christmas gift bags3,2017

We all hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas and that you’ve welcomed the New Year in with gusto!

Friday Fun Night – January 12, 2018

Supper at 6 p.m. – bring your appetite!

Activities – quilteopardy, movie, fun

Dress Code: pj’s!

Where: Millarville Community Church

Rainbow heart

Somewhere over the Rainbow…

Reminder of our theme for the 2017-2018 quilting year.  Fabrics come in such a variety of colours, hues, and tones it’s good to learn and refresh on basic principles of colour theory.

Guild meeting – January 13, 2018

Basic Colour Schemes Workshop

  • Show and Tell (don’t forget to bring all the  wonderful items you’ve been working on during the holidays!)
  • Sew in the afternoon (stay for the quilting, connect with old friends and new!)

Set-up and Clean-up crew for Jan 13:

Beth S, Carla G – since there aren’t very many signed up for this please consider coming early to help out.   Someone should remember to bring Cream/milk for the coffee & tea.

February 10, 2018

Achromatic Workshop

  • Show and Tell
  • Sew in the afternoon

Challenge for 2017-2018 Guild Year

 Our goal this year is to have everyone enter! All techniques that you will need to complete the challenge will be taught by April.

Here are the parameters:

  • 36” square
  • Applying one of the colour schemes taught during the year
  • To show what you have learned about colour
  • Must be quilted by you
  • Design can be anything
  • You will be required to explain how you used the colour wheel at the June show!

Comfort Quilts

Don’t forget to check out previous blogs abut dimensions and requirements for comfort/charity quilts that you’d like to work on.

Guild Format:

For those that are new this year, here’s a reminder of how our guild does its meetings.

We begin 9:30 am on the Second Saturday of each month from September through June.

We will be featuring Show & Tell each month for inspiration and motivation.

In December and June we also have a delicious potluck.

For updates, and information regarding the guild please check out our blog:


December Guild Potluck & Exchange


No Bah Humbug here…

December 9, 2017 Flying Needle Quilt Guild is celebrating Christmas and a successful Fall season of quilting. Come for a 9:30 start.

Show & Tell

Bring any projects you’ve been working on to show everyone how talented you are (and yes, each and everyone of you is talented!).

Our December guild meeting is early enough in the month that you can even show off things you need to ship away for Christmas.

Sharing your projects keeps everyone inspired and helps us get to know you better …. traditional, artsy, simple, or complex – all are wonderful to behold!

Gift Exchange

This year there were 2 options for gift exchange items:

table topper          table topper 1      table topper 2

tea cozy         tea cozy 1      tea cozy 2

You can participate in one or both exchanges (or none, but say it ain’t so).*

Important note about how to bring your exchange items to guild:

Christmas gift bags

  • bring each item in its own plain gift bag (no need for elaborate decorations)
  • be sure that you’ve included a label with your name, the year, the occasion the item was made for, and anything else you want to include
  • a tag will be provided when you come

The rest you’ll find out about when the exchange happens

PotluckChristmas Potluck

Don’t forget to bring your favourite potluck dish or concoction!  Everyone gets really hungry about this time of year.  Potluck items can be dropped off in the kitchen when you arrive.  Nothing says holiday like sharing a meal with a large group of like-minded people, whether they be family or quilting cohorts.

Set Up and Clean Up Crew

Mary D, Dianne M, Suzanne D.  If we could get a few more people to perhaps come early and help out that would be awesome!

For the scheduled crew: remember the milk/cram for the tea & coffee.