Where Women Gather Quilt Retreat (Online!)

Hello, dear quilting friends, Due to circumstances beyond our control we are not meeting this fall for retreat as we are accustomed… However, we have something new to offer in the same time slot as the retreat booking.    

You are invited to join us at:  WHERE WOMEN GATHER; a 3-day quilt retreat.  The date is     November 12, 13, 14/2020. The retreat has 2 parts- (1) 3 days of quilting and (2) 3 evenings of ZOOM fireside from 7-8:30 pm when Beth will tell her stories and where we get to share pictures of our projects.      

In the evening by the fireside room, Beth will tell the stories of 3 women from very different backgrounds who ended up being in the Line of Jesus: Rahab (from a very sketchy past), Bathsheba (who started well and got into big trouble), and Mary (just all round a great person). God can take any of us and do great things in our lives, not because of what we bring to the table, but because He loves and cares for us and has great plans for us.

The Gathering place and time for our quilting is from 10 am to 5 pm each day at the location: The Millarville Community Church (which is Beth and Jan’s church) just off Highway 549 East (306 Avenue) 1 KM east of highway 22. Coffee, tea and disposable cups will be provided. You need to bring your own lunch and snacks, your own sewing project and all the equipment for you to do your task: your sewing machine, extension cords act.

REGISTRATION is limited to 20 quilters at the church for proper distancing between individual work stations.  The cost of the in-person retreat is $20 to cover costs. Payment can be made as you arrive on the retreat day. However, there is no cost to join the Zoom meetings each night. All are welcome to join the Fireside Chats in the evening, but you do need to register to receive the zoom link.  Both the day retreat and the zoom gathering require that you pre-register before November 6/20 – there are 20 in-person spots available. All who register will be sent a zoom link and a password that you need to have in order to be part of the evening gathering.  To register:  please contact Beth Schmidt bethschmidt5@gmail.com  Please send your SHOW and TELL pictures to Jan Burney jan.marie2@icloud.com each afternoon before 4 and we can share our progress with the others.    We hope this invitation finds you and yours well and we invite you to consider joining in on this gathering with us.

With love to you, Barb, Beth, and Jan

Mid-September updates

Online workshops

Looking for a quilting class? Ana is doing some online classes you might be interested in. You can go to her website to check out details of what is being offered. You can also check out her online store. Check it out! https://www.anabuzzalino.com/

Online Guild meetings

All guild members will be getting an email in the next 2 days (before Saturday) with the link and instructions on how to join our online guild meetings. To help get ready for this meeting please be sure that you have Zoom on your computer, tablet, or phone if you’re planning to join by video. Options to phone in to the meeting will also be included in the meeting invite. If you’ve never attended a Zoom meeting before – don’t’ worry. It is amazingly easy and it’s free. To create a Zoom account, go to https://zoom.us/.

For more directions on Zoom and some tutorial videos please click here. 

Quilted by Patti-Jo Haley

CQA Updates


It was a shame that we could not hold our annual conference, Quilt Canada, in Edmonton this year.  We were unable to hold workshops, introduce some fabulous key-note speakers, tempt you with goodies from a large market mall, display the challenges put out to guilds, individuals and youth, and most disappointing is that we could not put on a National Juried Show and several concurrent shows.

With the introduction of a new website we have been able to assemble a virtual gallery of the concurrent shows and challenges and they will be displayed starting on October 1, 2020.

The first challenge to be displayed will be the TrendTex Challenge. Here you will be able to see the three top winners and Judges’ Choices plus vote for your favourite.  The Viewer’s Choice award winner will be announced in our November e-newsletter.  So check out the virtual gallery starting October 1 running for two weeks at www.canadianquilter.com.

It is customary for us to auction the TrendTex entries with proceeds going to the Canadian Quilters Association. This year, more than ever, without having a Conference, we are relying on these funds for the operation of this organization. You will have an opportunity to help us as well as own one or several of the 76 entries through this online auction.

Bidding will start October 19 at 7:00am EDT and all bids will close October 25 at 5:00pm EDT.  Feel free to preview the fabulous entries now.

To check out CQA’s online auction, go to the www.biddingowl.com website, click on Featured Auctions and in the Search box type CQA or click on this: https://www.biddingowl.com/Auction/home.cfm?auctionID=21866&CFID=16042550&CFTOKEN=69a61d776224c4c6-53357FF5-CC9C-26C5-F21F4C0B87DA9533 to take you directly to our online auction site.

If you wish to make a reserve bid, please contact me at directoratlarge@canadianquilter.com.

September update

Hello fellow guild members

Just a couple of things to clarify and let you know about.

  1. Paper bag challenge from last year: We’ve received some feedback that the table where the participant and recipient of the paper bag challenge from last year didn’t match what you actually got. Please do pass the project you made to the person whose name was in the paper bag even if it’s different than the one on the list. Feel free to contact Shirley C. or Cheryl M. by email if you have any questions or if this causes problems.
  2. Start up meeting for 2020 membership year: Unfortunately we haven’t been able to get get the mailout organized in time to start our year tomorrow (2nd Saturday of the month). We’ll therefore be looking at having a short Zoom meeting next Saturday, September 19, at 9:30 a.m. An email will be sent to each member with log on details for the meeting. We’ll talk about:
    • plans for this year
    • membership dues
    • virtual demo ideas
    • group project challenges and ideas
    • how we can all participate and stay connected (and safe)

Being your coffee and let’s catch up! It’s been too long since we’ve talked.

Have a great week.

Quilt by Pat S – June 2020

September Salutations!

September Start-Up

This has been an unforgettable year for a variety of reasons. Not the least of which is that I’ve spent less time quilting this summer than I have in years! Go figure! Stay at home but NOT quilt.  Is that even possible and still call myself a quilter. As a certain someone south of the border is famous for saying (not that I particularly quote this person a lot) – It is what it is.

This coming Saturday is when we’d normally be getting up, putting our faces on, and heading our vehicles out to go to guilt guild. Due to health restrictions still in place we won’t be meeting in person for the next few months.

What is going to happen is this – Flying Needles Quilt Guild is going to ZOOM!   

In order to stay connected and keep the guild moving forward I’ve decided to take on hosting a Zoom guild meeting each month. We’ll try to stick with our usual dates and times – 2nd Saturday of the month at 9:30 a.m.  Meetings will only be 30 to 40 minutes long.

During the meeting there’ll be time to say hi and chit-chat for a few minutes. The program will be an interview format. How well do you know the quitter that sat 3 rows behind and 6 chairs over every meeting last year? I’ll be interviewing regular guild members to find out about who they are, how they came to quilting, what their favourite quilting technique or tool is, and anything else they want to share.

Each person selected for an interview will be notified ahead of time and the questions will be provided to them. It’s not a formal presentation at all, just an informal chat over coffee. BYOC (bring your own coffee).

If after discussion at the first meeting you want some challenges, or group projects, we’ll talk about how we can get those going as well. Does anyone have a cool pattern that would lend itself to a mystery quilt that would be an awesome way to do something together eve if we can’t physically sew together.

Meeting and Zoom log-in information will be sent out to regular guild members. If you’re not sure you’re on the membership list or if you’ve changed your email address please email Shirley C for meeting details.

Blog posting schedule – I’ll try to post one each month but it will come when it comes. I can only spend so much time at my computer at a time before going buggie. With working from home that impacts how much I spend on it outside of work time. Changes to meetings and other guild related information will still come via the blog.

If you have anything you’d like to get out to the guild this is still a really way to do it. Continue sending the information to Shirley C. If you can prepare any remarks for content that goes with your information that will help a lot.

Noah’s ark and the stormy seas

Virtual show-n-tell will continue on an ad hoc basis. I still have a number of photos to post under this heading – coming very soon. Also coming soon will be the remainder o the photos sent in for the Paper bag challenge last year.  Below is a list of who got whose paper bag. So if you  haven’t already made arrangements to get yours feel free to contact each other. (I still need to get mine to my recipient too.) Bring your show-n-tell to the meeting as well. This will be a great time to showcase what you’re working on.

Paper Bag Challenge 2019-2020

Here’s a list of all the participants and who they were to make their project for:

Tara MCarla L
Sherril HMaxine O
Sharon CPatti-Jo H
Felicity LTara M
Patsy FSherrill H
Pat SFelicity L
Pauline SSharon C
Elly dNBarb dB
Shirley CPatsy F
Barb dBPauline S
Carla LPat S
Patti-Jo HShirley C
Kathleen KJean D
Jean DKathleen K

If you have any comments or questions could you please email them instead of posting to the feedback section on the website? It’s just easier to connect and get to them more quickly.

Looking forward to a super year staying connected electronically until we can meet again in person.

Stay safe, stay well

Take care of YOU!

Urgent request for masks for Ambrose University

Ambrose University is expecting many student back on campus this Fall. They want to be able to have masks on hand to provide to students who don’t come with masks. This is so they can abide by the COVID-19 guidelines put out by Alberta’s Medical Officer of Health.


Ambrose University invites you to help us provide each student with five face masks this fall. The target is 3000 masks by August 15, 2020.

It is important that anyone involved with the creation of homemade masks be free of COVID-19 symptoms and should not have been recently exposed to anyone experiencing symptoms.

Masks can be made from any template. There are many examples on the internet. We are in need of standard adult face masks – with two layers. Please keep in mind when selecting the materials that masks should not be too heavy or hot for the wearer.

Typically, a mask requires the following materials:


Mask can be delivered to Ambrose University’s reception area, Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Masks can also be mailed to:

Ambrose University
150 Ambrose Circle SW
Calgary, AB T3H 0L5

When received, the masks will be washed before being delivered to students. Every mask matters. Thank you for your helping your community!

July 2020 Summer sewing

Just a quick peak at a few quilts that have been shown in our guild over the last few years. More to come in future blogs.

Paper bag challenge 2020

This month we’ll focus primarily on the paper bag challenge photos. Once you see your fabrics and your surprise quilter, you can contact them to arrange for the safe pick up of your project.

CQA Newsletter July 2020

Enjoy the rest of your summer. More later….

June 2020 Clips and Snippets

How did it become June already? We’re getting close to 3 months in the “Safer At Home” world. The bright side is that now as businesses slowly begin to open up we can begin to see the return of what we used to call normal life. There will certainly be changes of course, but when do changes not happen in life.  Some we choose and others we don’t.

I think for me, more exciting than the opening of hair salons and restaurants, is the reopening of quilt stores. Not that I’ve returned to any of these yet but just knowing I can is a relief. As I swing, trapeze-like, from project to project knowing the safety net of being able to pick up supplies at my favourite quilt shop calms my spirit and pushes me on to keep going on that next project. Ok, I never said that I finish all these projects, but I do so enjoy starting them.

As we move forward, I’d encourage you to support your local quilt shop. Restock your stash. You never know when you’ll need it again. Or just do it because it brings you joy. I’ve been trying some of those Marie Condo ideas. Keep only what sparks joy. For me that makes it a certainty that my stash is safe. It brings me great joy to go through it and dream of what quilts will come from these lovely bits of fabric. SC

PS: Images shown may have the quilter cropped out. I think we’d all like to see who did the quilt as well as the quilt itself. If you do not want to have you photo displayed with your quilt (from Guild archives) please let me know by text or email. If I don’t hear from you then we’ll take it to mean that you don’t mind having your face appear with your quilt. We’ll only ever use first names and last initial in the blogs.

Paper bag challenge

brown bag

Bags will be swapped at the Nov. 2, 2019 meeting and the completed project will be returned at the May 2, 2020 meeting. This is a SECRET swap.

To prepare: You need 4 fat quarters. On a card include your full name with three words that best describe you or your style. Bring these items to the November meeting. Cheryl Mills will have a paper bag for your swap so that they are all the same. During the meeting the swap will take place. Cheryl will record swap partners secretly so that no bag goes missing.

Next steps: Create a quilted piece using the four fat quarters PLUS a fat quarter of your choice that you think will complement the project. At the May meeting bring the completed piece and the leftover material to return to the owner.

Beth S. 2019

New Plan to finish the Guild Challenges:

  • Be sure to complete the item you made with the 4 fat quarters you received plus the 1 you provided.
  • Send a phot of the project, the message or words you got with the fabric at the original exchange.
  • Provide e the name of the person who you got the “paper bad” of fabric form (intended recipient of competed item).
  • Send photos by the end of June (try for last week of June if not sooner).
  • All projects will be posted in a virtual show and tell (end of June early July).
  • The recipient and he quilter can then connect via email or telephone to work out how the actual exchange of the project will take place.

Other guild challenges

  • Negative Space Mini Quilt
  • 2020 Time Capsule Quilt

Keep working on finishing your entries. Details for how we’ll finish these challenges coming soon.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is fnqg-2019-challenge-2.jpg
June 2019 Year End Challenge Competition

June 220 FNQG Virtual Show and Tell

CQA June 2020 Newsletter

Find out what’s new at CQA this summer:

  • Volunteer positions available
  • Upcoming AGM
  • Bookkeeping RFP
  • Celebrating Canadian Quilters – A Virtual Canada Day Quilt Show
Tara M Oct 2019

News for our Guild

Hopefully you are all surviving this time of isolation and perhaps even getting some time in your quilting room. It is good to try to stay updated with one another, so if there is anything you would like the rest to know, please send an email to myself or Shirley C. If someone is in need of a card of encouragement, please let Carla L know.

We are wishing Linda B a swift recovery from major surgery. We hope that she will get back to her sewing machine soon and in the meantime, rest and recuperate with some warm cups of tea in front of some great quilting videos. All the best in your recovery, Linda, and lots of hugs and kisses from all of us.
We also wish Mary D a big happy birthday on one of her ‘big’ ones! Well done, Mary! You are such a faithful worker and giver in our guild and we are all so thankful for you.
Blessings to both of you wonderful ladies!

Love to you all,


Keeping in touch, Well wishes, and Congratulations!

May 21,2020

Keeping in touch

Hi, everyone,

These are challenging times made even harder by not being able to have the gatherings and visits that are the core of our lives.  Despite our isolation, we still can keep connected through email, text, Zoom or Facebook.  Not the same but even more important now. 

Another great way to stay connected and brighten the day of a friend is through mail.  A card or a handwritten note takes the place of sitting beside that friend even if only for a moment.  But it can also be a reminder of that special friendship you share over and over as it sits on your table or you pick it up to reread.

And so, if you know of one of our members who is needing  a boost to their spirits with a ‘thinking of you’ card, please let me know and I will get one out to them from all of us.  Life goes on with normal things as well and a get well or sympathy cards might also be needed.

Please let me know about these kinds of needs and events so we can remind our members that while we are apart, we will always be together in our hearts.

Take care, stay safe and well.  Carla 

Well wishes

We are wishing Linda B a swift recovery from major surgery. We hope that she will get back to her sewing machine soon and in the meantime, have some warm cups of tea in front of some great quilting videos. All the best in your recovery, Linda. and lots of hugs and kisses from all of us.


We also wish Mary D a big happy birthday on one of her ‘big’ ones! Well done, Mary! You are such a faithful worker and giver in our guild and we are all so thankful for you.

Blessings to both of you wonderful ladies!