October Guild Meeting Oct 14, 2017

October Workshop details

Colour Wheel Sept workshopThe workshop this Saturday, October 14, will be led by Beth and Jan.

Please bring to the guild meeting the colour wheel you made in September.

You will also need:Quilting tools

  • an iron and ironing surface
  • extension cord
  • a Teflon sheet or parchment paper to protect the iron
  • fabric scissors
  • rotary cutter
  • mat and ruler

Bring your Show ‘N Tell items and Smiles. See you all bright and early at 9:30 a.m. ready to learn

Don’t forget – there is an opportunity to sew in the afternoon with friends and fellow guild members.  Bring your machine and any projects you’d like to work on.

Set up & Clean-up crew:

Nancy T, Denise L, Gwynneth R, and Chris B  – (Don’t forget to bring cream for coffee)



Comfort Quilt Dimensions

Hi Ladies,

Here is the information I promised at our September meeting –


Quilt Dimensions requested

Foothills Hospital Adolescent Mental Health Units 52″ x 72″  and a few 60″ x 80″


Inn From the Cold 52″ x 72″ and Baby


Quilts from the Heart (Sheldon Kennedy) 52″ x 72″


A.L.S. Society 42″ x 54″


Neonatal 24″ x 36″ (all cotton)


Victoria Quilts 50″ x 70″ (must be exact size) Updated


Quilts of Valour 60″ x 80″


Be Brave Ranch, Sherwood Park                                (for sexually abused young people) 60″ x 80″


Thank you very much for your interest in these organizations that do so much good for children and adults experiencing serious challenges and hardship in their lives.

If you have a finished quilt you would like to donate, I have contacts for all these agencies, and if you have a quilt top that you would like to donate, the Comfort Quilt Committee will certainly make sure it gets finished and passed on according to your wishes. Feel free to call or send me an e-mail if you have any questions.

Sincerely, Chris & the Comfort Quilt Gang!

Welcome October!

Hi everyone,

The beautiful colours of Autumn have popped our bright and vivid.  I hope you all have a chance to enjoy to crisp, cool air and, that we have some mild weather before winter truly sets in.

2017-18 Program

For those that didn’t get a paper copy of the program for the 2017/2018 FNQG year see the program cover 2017-18attachments below.  I’ll also try to post them in the program section so they will be quick and easy to find.  (Bear with me as I fugue this site out.  :))

FNQG 2017 Page 1

FNQG 2017 Page 2

Comfort Quilt Program

Your Comfort Quilt Committee met in Turner Valley recently and had a very lighthearted and productive exchange of ideas for the coming year.

Please be assured that we plan to remain very “low key” and there will be no expectations or targets set!  Each of you is invited to contribute in any way you can, if it works for your life.

We need donations of fabric, batting (50″ x 62″) and flannel/fireside/minky backing (50″ x 62″) in any colour and any theme.   We will be collecting and sorting at the October meeting.

Our emphasis will be to use fairly simple patterns while making sure the fabrics really work together in each kit so that we can produce quilts that are both very eye-appealing and uplifting to those who receive them.  Is there anything more powerful between human beings than one stranger making a quilt with love and care for someone they will likely never meet!  Comfort quilts do have impact in the lives of children and adults going through all manner of hardship and challenge.

The kits will come in two varieties …..

The first will have a pattern and all the fabrics cut to size ready for piecing.  The kit will include the batting and backing for that top and if you choose to finish the quilt completely that will be wonderful.  If not, please hand it back to us and we will find another member to layer, quilt and bind it.

The other kits will have a finished top and be available for any members willing to do the finishing steps.

And ……… if applying the binding really isn’t your thing, I’m sure we will have volunteers for that job too.

If you have a finished quilt you would like to donate, I have contacts for all the agencies listed in my previous e-mail.  If you have a quilt top you would like to donate, the Committee will certainly make sure it gets finished and passed on according to your wishes.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Looking forward to seeing you at the October meeting.

Chris and the Comfort Quilt Gang!

Autumn leaves


Next guild meeting is October 14.  Remember to be there promptly for 9:30 start.  Supply list will be posted next week.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow….

Rainbow colours

What a spectacular meeting on Saturday, September 9,2017 at Guild.

The program for this year is new, exciting and sure to be full of lots of learning and fun if this month’s meeting was any indication.  This year there will be more Workshops than Demos, a change in the order of the meetings and all kind of fun, new features.

Here is what we did at the workshop on Saturday.  Thank you Ana and Shirley H for directing and guiding us and big heartfelt thank you to the group that helped get all the kits together.  Wow!  What a lot of work, greatly appreciated by all. Here is a photo of what we did. Colour Wheel Sept workshop

If you missed this and would like to catch up, talk to Ana and Shirley H.  A few kits were left over for those that couldn’t make it.

The theme this year is “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”.  It is all about colour !  Full program will be uploaded soon.

Upcoming Events:

Bow River Quilters Quilt Show

Sept 29, 2017   10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Sept 30, 2017   10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Location:  Triwood Community Association, 2244 Chicoutini Drive NW

$8.00 entry

  • Refreshments
  • Silent Auction
  • Boutique


Alberta Quilt Study Society

Two events planned for September.

September 21 – Museum Visits

We have the opportunity to see all the quilts held at the Bowden and Didsbury Museums, some of which are not usually on display.

September 24 – Needle turn applique

Kathi Ewen is going to show us a new way to prepare needle turn applique.  We will spend the day at the Bearspaw One Room Schoolhouse complex.

Please click on the link for details http://www.abqss.com/upcoming-events.html

Documentation days are booked for October and November – see the details on the website. I look forward to seeing you.

Katherine   abquiltstudy@gmail.com

 CQA Quilt Show

Friday October 13th, 2017 4-8pm
& Saturday October 14th 10am-5pm

Admission $5/person
Includes Refreshments in the Tea Room
Frank Wills Memorial Hall, 405 1st Street East, Cochrane

click on link for full colour poster      Canada150 Quilt Letter F  

2017-2018 Flying Needles Quilt Guild Kick-Off


Winning Talent

redOne of our resident artists, Ana, took 1st & 3rd place in her quilt category at the Calgary Stampede.  Congratulations Ana!

Congratulations also to Pat S whose nautical quilt won a CQA rosette.  Well done!

pinkWell done to those quilters who participated in the Charity quilts this past year.  Over the course of the year more than 25 charity quilts were made and donated.  That doesn’t include the placemats and activity blankets people also made.  Thank you.  It is heartening to hear the stories of the difference each of these projects have made in people’s lives.

If you have a story to share about one of these donations please let Shirley C know and we can feature it in our blog with a story each month.

The 2017-2018 guild meetings start this month.  Remember they are greenalways on the 2nd Saturday of the month. Start time is 9:30 a.m. Please be on time as demos will start right on time as you don’t want to miss anything!

blue Dates for this fall are:

  • Sept 9
  • Oct 14
  • Nov18 (starts at 10;30) corrected date/time
  • Dec 9


September Meeting Info:

  • Please note that there will NOT be a potluck for thelavender September meeting this year.
  • If you have a travel iron or a small iron with a small ironing pad, please being those to the September meeting. We’ll need as many as we can get to ensure that everyone finishes their project. Curious?  Met too!  Come and see what’s in store!

yellowDon’t forget to bring your Show N’ Tell items, we all want to see what you’ve been working on.  The program for the year will be presented at our first meeting.  Come and see what is in store. It will be an exciting year! Again this year those who wish to stay and sew in the afternoon are welcome to do so.  Great community, fun and lots of sewing!

We have some new members that have joined us.  Welcome Deniselight blue

Set Up & Clean Up Crew for September: Linda B, Carol B, Diane O, & Dawn B.

If you can’t make it please be sure to find a replacement for yourself.

  • Note to crew: don’t forget to bring cream for coffee.

Upcoming events in Alberta

Leduc Quilt show.png

Quilt show in Leduc in October 13 & 14, 2017 – Black Gold Quilt Patch

Quilt Show 2017 Poster

All Beings Confluence

Community Project Workshop at the Leduc Quilt Show:

An invitation to participate in    All Beings Confluence

This is a community based project, in which individuals are invited to create a long narrow panel that depicts a life form or species on this planet. Think about what Being you want to represent or that speaks to you.  It could be anything – single-celled bacteria, a beautiful flower, a jellyfish, a tiger, and a tree – any living being.

Each Being will be depicted on a sheer panel that is approx. 30” wide and 8-10 ft. (!!!) long.  They are hung so that they fill a whole space and we never see a single living Being by itself.  We are invited to walk amongst them and have the experience of being a part of a vast, complex and interconnected Whole.

In the last five years, this installation has travelled to over 40 locations and has been seen by more than13,000 people.  It continues to grow every time it is exhibited.  “Confluence” means gathering together and mingling like two rivers.  If you are willing, we would love to add your creation to the Confluence and let it travel to future venues.

I see my job as facilitating and assisting each of you with your vision using whatever skills and materials we have available.   Come and join me in celebrating our place amongst all the other life forms that surround us.

Martha Cole

“Companion to the Beings”

Overview of the Workshop

Day 1                    Meeting together in circle to get the “lay of the land”, so to speak.

Complete a full scale drawing on paper using charcoal, choose our fabrics, etc.

Some of you may actually get to the painting!

Day 2                    Using Wheat Paste mixed with acrylics, we will paint the image onto the sheer or, if doing appliqué, will paint and create the various pieces of sheers needed.

Day3-4                 A continuation of the painting/fusing and then the fine tuning using colored pencils/felt pens, finishing and celebrating

Image Preparation (To be done before you come)

It is best if you come with an idea of what life form you want to depict and with some actual photographs and other support images to help you create it.

Here are some questions for you to think about –

  • What is that Being’s essence?
  • What are the main characteristics and physical attributes that most describe it?

For example – a ladybug is red with black spots.

  • Why have you chosen this life form? What is its life cycle and its story?

To help you depict it, it would be good to have a couple of fairly good images that will help you see some specific details.  Google Images often have a number that you can simply download.  Get them as large as you can and in color, if possible.  Other options are calendar pictures, books, magazines, coloring books and/or clip art images, etc.

Just having them on your phone or laptop isn’t good enough for us to work from.

There are many ways of working with sheers:

  • paint images directly on the panels using fabric/acrylic paint mixed with wheat paste (this is like finger painting for adults)
  • Sometimes different colored sheers are layered on using iron-on paper backed adhesives
  • Layers of sheers can be built up and appliquéd into place and/or “inserted” (like reverse appliqué) onto a painted backing piece
  • Added detailing can be done using stamps, stencils and felt pens

The applications and approaches you choose to use are dependent on your image and your skill sets!  Every image is different.  We’ll discuss this for each piece.

For More information or to register for the workshop contact  Diana Cole mailto:dianawithavon.la@gmail.com


Saskatoon Quilt show

Saskatoon Quilters Guild is pleased to invite you  to our upcoming show October 26 and 27, 2017

Celebrate Changes Over Time

Friday, October 27, 2017 10am – 7:30pm

Saturday, October 28, 2017 10am – 5pm

Featured Quilter: Miriam Pyett

Trunk Show Merchant Mall Guild Marketplace Prairieland Park, Hall E Plaza Entrance  Saskatoon, SK

Daily Admission $10  Children under 12 Free


For tickets – After Sept 12, 2017 – Call Cathy 306-665-7698 or

email tickets@saskatoonquiltersguild.com

Merchant Mall welcoming shops from across Canada

Guild Marketplace; Free demonstrations; Serendipity Quilt Display

Grand Opening Thursday, October 26, 2017 7:00 pm ($10)

Trunk Show: Elinor Burwash, Sat. October 28, 2017 9:00 am ($10)

Advance Tickets required for Grand Opening and Trunk Show

If your guild members will be arriving by bus, please contact us at tickets@saskatoonquiltersguild.com and we will meet you on the bus, collect your entry fee, so that entry to the show is a breeze!



Job Posting CQA/ACC Conference Coordinator

The Canadian Quilters Association/Association canadienne de la courtepointe is seeking an individual to plan and coordinate Quilt Canada conferences for the association.  This will be a part time position beginning on the date of signing the contract. The contract will be renewable annually on approval of both parties.  Compensation to be negotiated.



  • Experience organizing events of this type or similar events
  • Working knowledge of computer software – esp. Word and Excel
  • Demonstrated oral and written communication skills
  • Demonstrated marketing skills
  • Demonstrated negotiating skills
  • Demonstrated leadership skills and ability to work as part of a team


To perform this role successfully, an individual:

  • Must be proactive, logical, efficient and be able to multi-task.
  • Must be well organized, have effective time management skills and be able to work within established timelines.

To obtain additional information about the position or to apply with cover letter and resume, please contact Carole McCarville, CQA/ACC Executive Director at:


Closing date for applications:  July 31, 2017.

June 2017 Guild meeting and events


June is here.  Summer, vacations, school gets out, and gardeners spend as much time as they can outside lovingly coaxing vegetable and flowers to grow.  Quilters might surface now and then to enjoy the warm breezes and go for picnics, BBQs, and hikes in nature all the while looking for inspiration for that next project.

For all of you who attended the Heritage Park Quilt Festival, I hope your creative juices were stirred and you were inspired.  What a great show – quilts made by children as young as 11 to Grandmas who have quilted all their lives.  The variety was incredible.

Our June guild meeting is coming up soon – June 10 @ 09:30.


Remember this month is our final meeting for the 2016-2017 year and that means its POTLUCK time!  Get out your favourite recipes and share some of you yummy goodies with everyone.

Don’t forget to bring your Challenge entries.  We’d all love to see what you’ve been working on this year.  See the Challenges tab if you need a reminder about what the y are.  You can also review the May post for a reminder.  If you have finished a comfort quilt or two you can bring those also.

Set-up & Clean-up Crew for June:  Shelly N, Kelly, and whoever volunteered in May.  Extra volunteers would be appreciated.  Please remember to bring milk/cream for the coffee & tea and some snacks for morning break.

Upcoming events over the summer:

Remember Ana’s classes – see previous post for details

Chinook County Quilters – Guild Show and Tea

 Chinook quilt show 2017

Alberta Quilt Study Society Events

Sunday, June 11th – Documentation Day – St. Andrews Heights Community Hall, Calgary

  • Quilts and volunteers are needed

Monday, June 12th – Quilt-a-long – St. Andrews Heights Community Hall, Calgary

Have a great summer and we’ll see you in September!







Summer Classes in Ana Buzzalino’s Studio

Screen Printing:  June 3rd – 6 hours – 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

COST of the class:  $180.00


  • You will need a screen for screen printing for this class.  If you need to purchase, a 10” x 12” or 12” x 18” should be large enough.   You will also need a 10” fabric squeegee for printing.  I will have plenty of elements on hand to print with, so no need to purchase if you don’t have one.  If you purchase a wooden screen, please prepare before the class by varnishing with 3 coats of clear varnish.  Be careful not to drop varnish on the screen.  Also, pre-scrub the screen once the varnish is dry by wetting it properly, applying a drop of soap and scrubbing gently to remove the finish from the screen.
  • I will be printing for you from your designs (more on this when you sign up for the class) two thermofax screens which are included in the price of the class.  Additional thermofax screens will be $20.00 each for an 8 ½” x 11” size.


Fabric Dyeing:  June 24th – 6 hours – 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Cost of the class:  $180.00


  • Includes all dyes, chemicals, containers, etc.
  • You will need to provide the fabric and rubber gloves
  • Low water immersion technique, clamping, folding, etc.


Fabric Printing and Mixed Media Techniques:  July 15 – 6 hours – 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Cost of the class:  $130.00


  • More on this later


Transfer Techniques:  July 22nd – 6 hours – 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Cost of the class:  $130.00

  • More on this later


Hope you can join me.  Please email me if you are interested and I’ll add you to the list.  You’ll get more information once you register for the class.  Thank you very much.  Best regards,


May Guild meeting & Events

May flowers

May 13, 2017 Guild Meeting

There is a Mother’s Day Brunch at the church from 10:30-12:30. So in order to accommodate guild and the brunch, we will be having our regular meeting in the Loft (up the stairs beside the bathrooms in the back hallway).

Set up & Clean Up for May: Barb L, Denise G, Cheryl M.

For set up, please bring food that doesn’t require the kitchen facilities. An urn of coffee can be taken upstairs and we can use paper cups for the coffee and tea. Please remember the cream and milk for the coffee and tea.

  • Sewing machines can be set up in the Sunday school rooms in the back on the main level.
  • Alternatively you can wait until 12:30 and set them up in the regular meeting place after the Brunch is over.

We will get started right at 9:30 AM, so please arrive on time. Beth will do demo right at 9:30 – but it will be short and sweet – very sweet.

Heritage Park Quilt Festival – May 26 – 28, 2017

The dinner has been changed from the Wainwright to Gasoline Alley –it’s a bigger venue.. They no longer issue tickets so just walk in and found our table – we have 2 reserved.  Parking is $3.00 for the evening.  Think doors open at 6:15.

Volunteers for the Guild Booth on Saturday and Sunday please be sure to read Mary’s email.  If you who haven’t volunteered yet but would like to, Sunday afternoon might need another one or two people for the booth. Please call Mary.

Remember to bring quilts, challenge items, charity items, etc. for display to the May 13 guild meeting. Suggested/Requested items: Gwynneth’s star quilt plus a few others, our Christmas exchange this year – aprons and miniature quilts, a comfort quilt if we have them, placemats.

June is fast approaching so if you plan to display any pieces in thee challenge – get ready!


1. Nautical Theme Quilt – A quilt of any size using one of the following nautical blocks using either a traditional or modern interpretation:

Lady of the Lake  Lady of the Lake

Storm at sea     Storm at Sea

Mariner's compass  Mariner’s compass

Ocean Waves    Ocean Waves

Clamshell quilt Clamshell

2. Miniature Quilt. Make a true miniature quilt (not just one block).miniature quilt maximum 60” perimeter.


3. canadaseatoseatosea   Carol Lawrence Challenge –                                                     A “sea to sea to sea” table runner in celebration of Canada’s 150th

4. UFO Challenge – Each time you finish a quilted project       UFO-fz4mgg5cnniedwaa0vgg                 (which must have been started before the September meeting) your name will go into a draw. In June, a winner will be drawn for a fabulous prize!

All challenge entries must be completely made by the person entering the piece.