October Creativity

It’s colder than expected at this time of year – all the more reason to get quilting. Our monthly guild meeting takes place this Saturday October 12th at 9:30.

This month Ana B. will be speaking on the topic Finding Creativity in Everyday Life.

Gail H. will share a trunk show.

Remember to bring your cheque if you plan on attending the Nancy Strath workshop in January.

Don’t forget to bring your Show and Tell items.

  • Feel free to come prepared to stay and sew in the afternoon as well.

Christmas gift exchange

As promised here are more details on the 2019 Christmas Gift Exchange.

Flying Needle 2019 Christmas Gift Exchange

Charity quilt blocks

Here are the 3 different types of blocks for the charity/comfort quilts for this year.

Colour of the Year Block

and …Charity block 1 & 2


September 2019 update

The year has begun well. The potluck in September was plentiful and most delicious. Thank you to Cheryl M. and Janet M. for putting together an exciting schedule for the upcoming year. The topics, workshops, and challenges look very interesting and there’s a lot of room to learn, see what others are doing, and to share with the communities we live in.

FNQG 2019-2020 Schedule & topics

Remember that there is show and tell at each meeting. Bring along what you’re working on to inspire everyone else. Any UFOs you’ve finished, new techniques you’re trying out, being them all to show and tell. We have a wide range of quilters in our guild; from beginner sewers to the “artist” quilters so don’t think that your items are exciting enough. We all like to see all types of quilting and fibre arts.

Remember too, that each guild day there is sewing in the afternoon. Pack up your sewing machine and a project or two, and join the fun and laughter of an afternoon of sewing together. This is a great time to work on some of the comfort blocks for the comfort quilts that will be put together this spring.

Comfort quilts this season

Colour of the Year Block

Here is a link to the colour of the Year inspiration quilt and tutorial if you need more than the pictures that come with the pattern above. This quilt has 63 blocks and they show the size as 56 x 63 inches.   https://bit.ly/2nJVN9n

Challenges for 2019-2020 guild year

2019_2020 challenges

  • Paper bag challenge

Bags will be swapped at the Nov. 2, 2019 meeting and the completed project will be returned at the May 2, 2020 meeting.  This is a SECRET swap.

  • 2020 CQA Member Guild Challenge (canadianquilter.com)

Theme- Gateway to Adventure

Intent to enter must be given to Cheryl Mills before or at Feb. 8th meeting.

Present quilt at March 14th meeting for Viewer’s Choice.

The chosen quilt will be displayed at Quilt Canada 2020, June 18 to 20 in Edmonton’

Year End Challenges – June 6, 2020

  • 2020 Time Capsule Quilt

Present in quilt form your life in 2020. This quilt could show your likes, family, friends, home, news of the day, etc.

Quilt perimeter to be no smaller than 72 inches perimeter.

  • Negative Space Mini Quilt

One of the defining traits of Modern Quilts is a creative use of NEGATIVESPACE. Create a mini quilt that emphasizes negative space.

No side can be longer than 24 inches.

Christmas gift exchange

The theme this year is bags. They can be zippered, drawstring, or whatever you want. The idea being that you make 2 -one for charity, and one for a fellow guild member. The charity one can be filled with toiletries (shampoo, conditioner, soap, personal items for homeless) and the one for the “secret” guild member can be filled with a small quilting or sewing item (stitch ripper, spool of thread, fat quarter, etc.) More details to follow.

September Guild Meeting

September is here. Kids and teachers are back in school. The lazy days of summer are giving way to the frantic Fall schedules with each of us tearing form one activity to another – getting back into the swing of regular life. Also time to get back into the quilting rhythm. If we’re smart we’re also looking starting our Christmas crats and gifts. I’m more of an adrenaline junkie (or a procrastinator) so I like to wait until snow is on the ground before really getting into Christmas prep.

September Meeting Info

Our first meeting of the 2019/2020 season will be Sept.14 @ 9:30 a.m.

  • Business Meeting
  • Program and challenges for the year will be presentedpotluck
  • Bring your Show and Tell to share with our members
  • Enjoy a potluck lunch with your guild friends

Note: Don’t forget to connect with Mary if you haven’t paid your fees for the year yet.

Setup and Cleanup Crew: Dawn B, Linda B, Carla L, Jan B

 Hope to see you all there!

Hello July

A motto in my life is – any day touching or looking at quilting fabric is a good day. It’s even better when I am working with it. So, are you taking the steamy days of summer and keeping up your slow-stitching skills, or are you working through a pile of unfinished projects? We hope you’re keeping safe, and taking time to recharge as well as getting enough stitching time.

Below is a message from Chris B asked us to share with you all.

Hello Ladies,

A very dear friend of mine in Willow Park Village area has decided to sell her long-arm machine and I said I would contact as many quilters as I could in case you know of someone who might be interested in this amazing offer …….

Pfaff Grand Quilter l8.8

Fully computerized

Includes: frame, all software, programming, thread and tools

Purchased in 2013/14 and only has 20 hours of use (Joanne reckons at least half that time was spent just trying to figure out the computer part!!)

Asking price:  $5,000.00

Purchaser must be willing to dismantle long-arm from Joanne’s loft and reassemble in its new home.

Please contact Chris B and I will pass along your telephone number to Joanne.

Feel free to share this ad with anyone you think might be interested.  Thank you!


Have a great summer. See you in September.

Flying Needles Quilt Guild 2019 Year-end Meeting

Friday, May 3, 2019 at 5:30 p.m. (note new time)potluck

Potluck dinner


  • Slow Stitching for Something Small (S4)
  • Jolly Bar Challenge

Show ‘N Tell

Paper Bag Challenge

Set-up and Clean-up team: Carol B, Linda B, Dawn B, and Diane O


If you missed the April meeting you missed the opportunity to participate in the FNQG 2019-20 Planning survey that will provide direction and ideas for Guild themes and challenges. You can still take part in this survey by answering the questions and getting them back to Cheryl M and Janet M.

Apologies to the Ujama Grandma’s group – this blog wasn’t posted in time to advertise your annual fabric sale on April 27.

Heritage Park Quilt Festival – May 25 & 26

  • We’re still looking for volunteers to sit at our Guild table on Saturday and Sunday. Please talk to Mary if you can help out.
  • If you have any projects to display from our challenges last year please be sure to bring them this Friday night.

Chinook Country Quilters annual quilt show and tea June 23

April Guild meeting tomorrow!

Reminder For the Guild meeting on Saturday April 13, 2019

We’ll be finishing out our series on hand work. Beth will take us through the world of binding. Bring with you a small project that needs binding, your usual fabrics that you’d use for binding, and your hand sewing kit (needles, thimble, thread, small scissors, small ruler, etc.).

Set-up and Clean-up for April are: Judy K, Linda S, Sherrill H, and Felicity L.

Note From Janet M.

Hi Guild members,
Sarah is doing a fundraiser for the Children’s Hospital through her Leadership class by collecting bottle depot items. Would it be ok if I asked the guild ladies to bring bottles on Sat? I would send you an email to forward to the group. It would be a huge help but also understand if you think it is not appropriate.


Spring is here – let’s sew!

Spring has sprung and we hope that the sunshine and warmer breezes have inspired you to get your projects done before our year end meeting in May. Keep on stitching and you’ll get there.

For the Guild meeting on Saturday, April 13, 2019, we’ll be finishing out our series on hand work. Beth will take us through the world of binding. Bring with you a small project that needs binding, your usual fabrics that you’d use for binding, and your hand sewing kit (needles, thimble, thread, small scissors, small ruler, etc.).coffee-tea_2

Set-up and Clean-up for April are: Judy K, Linda S, Sherrill H, and Felicity L.

There are only 5 weeks left before our year-end meeting in May.

Please note the May meeting will be Friday, May 3, 2019 at 7 p.m.

Reminder of the challenges

Slow Stitching for Something Small (S4)

miniature-1Any small item incorporating the hand stitching techniques taught throughout the year. It can be a needle case, a small quilt, a pillow, or something else small. The definition for small in this challenge is that if you can cover your body (or parts of it) with your entry then it’s not small.

Jolly Bar Challenge

We had a few questions about the Jolly Bar challenge.  So here are the details from Cheryl.

A jolly bar is 5″ x 10″ but doesn’t have to stay that size and shape, this is the starting point.  On the internet you can see samples of jolly bar quilts that range from stars to other kind of blocks as well as just rectangles. The idea is to use a stash of Jolly Bars. if you use a layer cake and cut it in half you would have 40 different fabrics. Some layer cakes have repeats so there are not quite 40 fabrics in the line, so close to 40 is fine, but the idea is to use the whole layer cake cut into Jolly Bars.

For those who chose to take on an extra challenge there is also the

Paper Bag Challenge

brown bagThe completed project is to be returned at the May 3rd Friday night meeting.

Here’s the link to the full set of instructions for the paper bag challenge jan2019


March Guild Meeting – March 9, 2019

This month our theme is hand sewing. Beth will guide us in the art of sewing fabric together without the use of a ma sewing machine. Using a needle and thread we’ll learn how to put the striving of the world on hold, and find peace in sewing pieces of fabric together. This will take the form of a workshop so there are some supplies you’ll want to bring to get the most out of the demo/skill workshop. We’ll learn the basics of hand stitching blocks and how to deal with angles, points, and corners.


Fabric – 4 – 2 ½ inch squares     supplies for March guild meeting 1  (coordinate colours for a 4 patch block )

6 – 2 inch diamond shapes – to form a star shape (60 degree angle  – see photo) supplies for March guild meeting 2                                      (note: diamonds in image are slightly larger than 2 inches)

Sewing suppliessupplies for March guild meeting

needle, thread to match your fabric shapes, small scissors, small ruler, mechanical pencil, needle threading implement (if desired). (see photo)

Show and Tell

Bring your fabulous quilting projects, big and small, that you’ve been working on and inspire others.

Set – Up and Clean – Up crew: Pat S – looking for volunteers to help Pat as the others that were singed up for the month of March either can’t make it until 9:30 or are unable to come at all this month.

See you all on Saturday!

February Guild meeting

Hand Quilting

hand quilting3

It’s the February freeze and what better way to stay warm than with a quilt. Come learn all about hand quilting on February 9, 2019 at 9:30 a.m. Jan B will be giving a great demo/workshop on the ins and outs (or ups and downs) of hand quilting. hand quilting

Feel free to bring a small fabric sandwich (2 pieces of fabric with batting in the middle), a needle, thimble, thread, and a small pair of scissors to try out the techniques that will be demonstrated. Optional – a hoop as shown in photo.

Don’t forget to bring your Show and Tell. We’re all anxious to see what you’ve been working on. You can bring your machine, projects, and lunch and stay to sew for awhile. This is a great way to get to know your fellow guild members.

hand quilting2

Set up and Clean up crew this month: Kathy K, Maxine O, Mary D,  and Janet M. Reminder to bring cream/milk for the coffee and tea.

2018-2019 Guild Challenges

Renumber May is our final meeting this year. Only 4 months to complete your challenge entries. Challenges this year are:

Slow Stitching for something small – any small item that incorporates any of the hand techniques demonstrated throughout this year for example a needle case, pillow, small or mini quilt.

Jolly Bar Stash Challenge – any quilt size or design using a jolly bar (40 5″ x 10″ co coordinating fabrics) from your stash.

Paper bag challenge – for those who participated in the exchange paper bag challenge jan2019