Christmas Guild meeting – only3 days away!

Hurry, hurry, hurry…..

tis the season, rush, rush, hurry here, run there

We really hope that the above is not the case for you at this Christmas season. All the work, planning, and organization you bring to quilting can be transferred over to holiday preparation. Step by step, piece by piece, soon you’ll have a Christmas to remember

Reminder: Potluck this Saturday, December 8.

Bring your favourite holiday dish to the guild meeting. The meeting starts at the usual time (9:30)   Don’t forget your Show and tell.

Set-up and clean-up crew:

Mary D, Diane M, Cheryl M, Barb D, Potluck Committee


Gift Exchange items

Reminer that the gift exchanges items:

A. table topper/runner

B. Pillow

No dimensions were given for either so let your creativity guide you.  Participation is optional but we hope you’ll do at least one.  You can do one or the other or both if you wish

Merry Christmas to all!




Christmas Potluck approaching …. Only 23 days left!

An early reminder:

Christmas gift bags

Remember the Christmas gift exchange projects …

Table topper or runner – any shape or size as long as it fits onto a table         

Pillow – your choice as to size and style but this would be a great project to try out some of the new handwork techniques we’ve all been learning about this fall.

The December Guild meeting will be held on December 8th beginning at 9:30 a.m.

Things to bring with you:

  • your favourite dish to share for the potluck lunch
  • show and tell items –we all love to see what you’ve been working on, or hear anything that you’ve recently learned or heard about in the quilting world or in your own world
  • your gift exchange item or items (the gift exchange is voluntary). You may join in one or both gift exchanges as desired. This is a fun way to show off your skills and share your love of quilting and working with fabric while bringing the joy of Christmas to a fellow guild member.

Further details to follow.

November 3, 2018 – Guild meeting

As you may all be aware, if you got Beth’s email, the guild meeting for November has been moved up 1 week. It is November 3, 2018 at the usual time, 9:30 a.m. Thank you Beth for getting that out there.

silk ribbon         ribbon embroidery

This month’s workshop is silk ribbon and yo-yos. Come prepared to be amazed at how these 2 techniques can change the look of your quilting project. Keep in mind the challenge for the year. Keep your hands busy with slow stitching.

quilting yo-yos                     yo-yo picture

Bring in projects, big or small, that you’ve been working on for Show and Tell. Inspire others and take a bow for how creative you truly are.

Come prepared to sew in the afternoon. Get to know your fellow guild members and build new and lasting friendships as you sew.

Set-up and clean-up crew:

Linda B, Kathy K, Kelly B, and Kevin G                 coffee-tea_2

As usual please remember to bring cream/milk for coffee and tea.


See you all soon!

Wanted: Used Sewing Machine

Image result for sewing machine

If anyone has a used sewing machine from days gone by that is still kicking around in your sewing room and you would like to send it on its way, I have a new sewing friend – a young mom – who would love to have it. Maybe you’ve upgraded and never got rid of your first sewing machine, or you know someone else who has. She is willing to pay $100 for it. But please ensure it has all the parts and is in working order. If you have one, please let Beth know by email or on Saturday at guild.

Updates for meeting Oct 13, 2018

Hello everyone,

Pardon the double blog today.

Set up and clean up crew for October are:

Chris B; Donna G; Gwynneth R; and Maxine O.

Fabric Sale at Guild:fabric stack

Please see message below from Chris B.

Hello Ladies,

A dear friend recently approached me to take on a quilt fabric dispersal for her and of course I agreed!  There are about 10 bins full, all neatly Folded in one metre cuts, Moda, Northcott etc. a lovely selection that includes some batiks, fossil ferns, Asians and mixed fabrics.  Something for every palette I’m sure.

Beth has given me permission to bring them to the meeting on Saturday so I thought I would give you a heads up about the sale so that you can raid your piggy banks etc. and come prepared to be tempted!   The cost will be $5.00/metre.   There are also some larger cuts suitable for borders,

Backs etc.   The bins are also reasonably colour coded and the fabrics standing on end so that each can be seen very nicely.

I have heard the expression “fabric addict” but never imagined it looked like this!!

Looking forward to seeing you next weekend.

Sincerely,  Chris


October Thankfulness Abounds

Autumn leaves

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


An exciting program was revealed in September for this Guild year. With the pace of the world getting ever faster, it’s nice to know that it’s okay to slow down and do things by hand to enhance or give us a new challenge to our usual quilting. The theme this year is “A Year in Stitches”. Click on this link to see the full program for workshops and Guild meetings. Program FNQG 2018-2019

Just so you don’t forget, there are a few dates that have been adjusted from our usual schedule of the 2nd Saturday of the month. Here’s the Fall Schedule as we know it for now.:

  • October 13, 2018
  • November 3, 2018
  • December 8, 2018

Each meeting starts at 9:30 a.m. Please do your best to be prompt ad on time as some of the workshops need every minute of ti allotted. Also, don’t forget your show and tell. This is a high point for many as it inspires all of us to keep at it and finish our own projects.

The workshop this month is a Hand Stitching Symposium.  Everyone will get their kit for the year that contains a hoop and other assorted items you’d for the workshops. If you can’t be present in October connect with someone who will be there and have them pick up your kit for you. The kits will not be available after this month’s guild meeting.

The schedule for the meeting on the 13th is:

  • Hand Quilting Symposium
  • Show and Tell
  • Sew in the Afternoon (for any and all who wish to stay) – build community and get to know your fellow quilters

The set-up & clean-up crew will be posted as soon as it’s received. Remember to bring cream for coffee &

 Comfort Quilts

Brief review of Comfort Quilt measurements for those working on any of these:

Organization Quilt Dimensions requested
Foothills Hospital Adolescent               Mental Health Units 52″ x 72″  and a few 60″ x 80″


Inn From the Cold 52″ x 72″ and Baby


Quilts from the Heart (Sheldon Kennedy) 52″ x 72″


A.L.S. Society 42″ x 54″


Neonatal 24″ x 36″ (all cotton)


Victoria Quilts 60″ x 80″ (must be exact size)


Quilts of Valour 60″ x 80″


Be Brave Ranch, Sherwood Park               (for sexually abused young people) 60″ x 80″


Comfort Quilts from Guild to ad hoc needs that come up no specific measurements but lap quilt size works well



September Stitchery

Seams it’s time once again…


There’s just a touch of crispness in the air – and that means that it’s time to start the FNQG season again!  Are you ready? Have you been sewing your brains out this summer? Are your fingers bleeding from the pins and needles poking them?  Or did you take a break and read a good book, binge watch a bunch of TV series and movies?

Come to guild this Saturday prepared to tell us all about how you spent your summer. We want to hear it all (OK, maybe just the highlights)!

The program for the 2018 – 19 guild year will be introduced on Saturday so be ready to be amazed and awed at what we’re going to be doing this year.

Come one, come all…..  See you in a few days!

There won’t be much set up required for this month but if one or two of you could come a few minutes early to help with set up that would be awesome.  Shirley C will bring the coffee creamer and some muffins (or something baked).

Start time 9:30 a.m.

Not sure if traditionally people have stayed to sew in the afternoon for the September meeting but I’m putting it out there, if you want to stay and sew – bring your matches, projects, and accessories and get ready to sew like the wind!

For Sale

Are you looking for a sewing machine? Have you always wanted a great sewing table?

Check this out – – –  if you’re interested please contact Carol P.  (if you don’t have her contact info contact Shirley C and she’ll pass it on).

sewing table and accessories.jpg

Summer Summary

Hello all FNQG members and quilters.

Summer is in full swing and the last meeting of the year was really great! Thank you to everyone who brought the delicious food for the potluck and to all those who participated in the colour theory challenge.  Beautiful quilts all around. We’ll share photos as they become available.  For those who were unable to be at the June meeting you can bring your challenge quilt to show and tell in September. We’d still love to see it.

A post will be published in August to give some details about September’s first meeting so sit back, relax, have your vacation, and keep on quilting!

Comfort and Charity Quilts

Hello Ladies,

I apologize to those who attended the lovely wind-up meeting and luncheon this morning that this report was not quite finished, but I Had to top up the Church cupboard in the office before I could document how many quilts had been distributed and to where.

Report for the 2017-18 Guild year is as follows –

Neonatal (Kelly)                                                      4

Sheldon Kennedy (Quilts from the Heart)       1

ALS/MS (Ellie)       5  (3 today and 2 more finished and ready to pass to Ellie in September)

Church Cupboard    3 for Men; 5 for Ladies; 3 for Children

Total quilts distributed (2017/2018 guild year)     21

Many thanks to all the Members who helped in any way on these quilts by donating fabric and flannel backing, making tops, quilting, binding, making labels and hand stitching.   It was definitely a team effort!

Have a GREAT summer!   See you in September!

With hugs,  Chris

New opportunity for quilt donations


Patty Jo who’s a member quilt guild has a charity called quilts 4 everyday heroes. She’s looking for quilt donations. The info is on the website:


Have a great summer!


June 9, 2018 Year End FNQG Meeting

Wow, another year is coming to a close! And what a year it’s been. Plenty of comfort quilts, placements,  lots of show and tell, and a fabulous dive into the world of colour theory.      Rainbow heart

The colour wheel, transparencies, and the various pears we all worked on were an absolutely wonderful way to learn about colour in a tangible way. Thank you to Ana, Shirley H. and the organizing committee for a wonderful year of learning.

Agenda for  June 9:

Start time 9:30 a.m.

  • Show and Tell

  • Viewer’s Choice



Our goal this year is to have everyone enter! All techniques that you will need to complete the challenge will be taught by April.

Here are the parameters:

  • 36” square
  • Applying one of the colour schemes taught during the year
  • To show what you have learned about colour
  • Must be quilted by you
  • Design can be anything
  • You will be asked to explain how you used the colour wheel at the June meeting


Set-Up and Clean-Up crew:

Carla L, Kathy K, Cheryl M, and Fiona M.

Please remember cream/milk for coffee & tea.

Heritage Park Quilt Festival

The weather couldn’t have been better.  They were awesome sunny, warm days to meander through the park enjoying all the quilts on display.

Thank you to everyone who helped with the guild booth set-up, shifts at the booth , and the tear down at the end.  Once again this year Mary did an absolutely fabulous job of organizing everything and everyone.  Many, many thanks Mary.

Updated requirements for Saturday

Updated instructions for games on Saturday May 12

HI everyone, Chris sent a message for everyone with some slight tweaks to the instructions we had in our last post.  Sorry if there’s any confusion but please do plan to join in as this will be a truly fun activity.

Hello Ladies,

Please forgive the confusion but I think we need to simplify the plan for Strip Poker on Saturday so that everyone has fun, the winners take away a set of similar fabrics that might make up a small project, and the consensus is to perhaps play again at some point in the near future.

If you are interested in participating, please bring

3 x 2-1/2” strips x WOF in CHRISTMAS PRINTS and

3 x 2-1/2” strips x WOF in BATIKS.

Gwynneth and Kathy will divide those participating into two even groups and the game will begin.

While you have three strips you will roll three dice.

When you have only two strips you roll two dice.

When you have only one strip you roll one dice.

The strips change hands at a rapid rate of knots so you could actually lose all three strips on the first roll and still end up winning the lottery!

Each dice has an “R” which means passing a strip to the person on your right.

The “L” means passing a strip to the person on your left.

The “C” requires you to put a strip in the centre (to be collected by the winner later on) The black dot is a free pass.

Now that probably sounds as clear as mud, but the fog will lift once the game is under way.

When you have given up your last strip, that does not necessarily mean you are out of the game, not yet …..

You may get a strip back from one or both of the people on each side of you, but if that does not happen in the next pass around the table then you are OUT of the game.

Good luck to one and all!


Set Up & Clean Up

Denise G isn’t able to make it this Saturday so if someone would kindly show up early to take her place it would be greatly appreciated.

See you all Saturday!