News for our Guild

Hopefully you are all surviving this time of isolation and perhaps even getting some time in your quilting room. It is good to try to stay updated with one another, so if there is anything you would like the rest to know, please send an email to myself or Shirley C. If someone is in need of a card of encouragement, please let Carla L know.

We are wishing Linda B a swift recovery from major surgery. We hope that she will get back to her sewing machine soon and in the meantime, rest and recuperate with some warm cups of tea in front of some great quilting videos. All the best in your recovery, Linda, and lots of hugs and kisses from all of us.
We also wish Mary D a big happy birthday on one of her ‘big’ ones! Well done, Mary! You are such a faithful worker and giver in our guild and we are all so thankful for you.
Blessings to both of you wonderful ladies!

Love to you all,


Keeping in touch, Well wishes, and Congratulations!

May 21,2020

Keeping in touch

Hi, everyone,

These are challenging times made even harder by not being able to have the gatherings and visits that are the core of our lives.  Despite our isolation, we still can keep connected through email, text, Zoom or Facebook.  Not the same but even more important now. 

Another great way to stay connected and brighten the day of a friend is through mail.  A card or a handwritten note takes the place of sitting beside that friend even if only for a moment.  But it can also be a reminder of that special friendship you share over and over as it sits on your table or you pick it up to reread.

And so, if you know of one of our members who is needing  a boost to their spirits with a ‘thinking of you’ card, please let me know and I will get one out to them from all of us.  Life goes on with normal things as well and a get well or sympathy cards might also be needed.

Please let me know about these kinds of needs and events so we can remind our members that while we are apart, we will always be together in our hearts.

Take care, stay safe and well.  Carla 

Well wishes

We are wishing Linda B a swift recovery from major surgery. We hope that she will get back to her sewing machine soon and in the meantime, have some warm cups of tea in front of some great quilting videos. All the best in your recovery, Linda. and lots of hugs and kisses from all of us.


We also wish Mary D a big happy birthday on one of her ‘big’ ones! Well done, Mary! You are such a faithful worker and giver in our guild and we are all so thankful for you.

Blessings to both of you wonderful ladies!

As full of spirit as the month of May…

That’s the start of a quote form William Shakespeare. Here’s hoping that this spirit will bring all kinds of creativity and beauty into our experience of the world this month.

Sent in by one of our members:  Thought people might be able to identify with this

May 2020 humour

Quilts for Everyday Heroes

Hello everyone;   I hope everyone is staying safe during these challenging times.  I know many of us are enjoying the time to get into our sewing rooms and work through ufos and our stash.

I wanted to send a thank you to everyone who has been so generous with their time, talent and support for our first responders.  As you well know, those on the front lines are being taxed beyond their wildest dreams and are making huge sacrifices with their physical and mental health, not to mention the toll it takes on their loved ones.

In the last week, sixteen quilts have gone out to peer trauma support groups, RCMP members, Calgary City Police, corrections officers, and firefighter/paramedics.  This couldn’t happen without your help, so thank you!  Under normal circumstances, we usually meet and wrap the majority of the heroes in the quilts, share a few tears, and experience the emotion of these first responders who so desperately need to know that what they do does not go unnoticed. At this time, we rely on contacts to get the quilts out, but know that they appreciation and support that they offer is still heartfelt.

I look forward to when we are able to gather again. Carry on with your creativity!  Show and Tell should be fabulous!

If you wish to see what we are about, our website is And we can be reached at

Kindly, Patti-JoEveryday Heroes May 2020


April 30, 2020

Hello ladies,

With some awesome teamwork by Elly, Pat S and Fiona we have the first Guild block project finished and ready to pass to Patti-Jo for the Quilts for Everyday Heroes project.  Thanks to these three great ladies and everyone who contributed blocks to this awesome quilt, you can be sure it is going to a very deserving individual!

With hugs, Chris B

FNQG annual challenges

Stay tuned for details on how paper bag challenge items can be showcased and exchanged safely. Also for the other guild challenges – we’re looking into ways that we can do a virtual showcase of wheat we’d usually do at our May meeting where we vote on our picks for best challenge entries. So you’re not off the hook in terms of finishing these challenges. Get them done and we’ll let you know how we’ll showcase them all.

CQA Memo April 30, 2020

Summary, Show in Edmonton has been cancelled. Efforts are underway to determine a way to have a virtual quilt show to present many of the quilts that would have been in the show. Read the memo for more details.  CQA Memo April 30,2020

Virtual Show and Tell

FNQG labe for slide show

May 2020 Show and Tell

April FNQG News

Virtual Show and Tell

Since we’ve missed 2 months of meetings and will likely miss at least one or two more – let’s have a virtual Show and Tell.  Send photos of projects that you’re working on or would have brought to guild for Show and Tell to Shirley C. She will put them together into something we can post on the blog. You can also send a quick note or story about something you learned during this time. Like when you use a plastic spatula to stir very hot, sugary desserts they melt and the dessert tastes of plastic! Note to self! Sigh.

Keep working on your hobbies and things that are fun for you. That’s a sure way to help maintain good mental health during this time of physical distancing. Get your photos or funny stories submitted by April 20 and we’ll try to get the blog with all of this out by the first week of May.

Comfort Quilts

Good morning!
I hope this finds you well and keeping busy during this most difficult time in life. I woke up early today and for some reason was thinking about the comfort quilt blocks that our members had made over the winter and that the sew day had had to be cancelled.  I was talking with PatyJo (Everyday Heroes – EMS, Police and RCMP) and as I suspected she has been receiving an increasing number of calls for quilts now.  So, my question is “can we get those blocks made up into quilts sooner rather than later and perhaps start more blocks in the fall?”

I am very willing to take the sports blocks and know of other ladies who would be willing to take other sets.  If we can get the tops made up to between 52×72 and 60×80 could we then pass them to PattyJo.  I will get backs and batting organized and find longarm-ers unless you have ladies who have already volunteered?  None of the agencies my small group usually supports are able to take quilts at this time because of the virus but I don’t know if this is the case with all agencies.  I have to come out Priddis way early next week so could connect with you if you agree with my proposal.

Thanks for hearing me out and I look forward to hearing your thoughts.
Take care,
With hugs, Chris

Note: We really can’t be in contact with one another physically – so it would need to be dropped off somehow. The other idea is to wait on the group project and ask people to make one on their own using the original patterns from Cheryl.

The church building is closed, so it would not work as a drop off. So it is probably better not to have a physical drop off right now. Let’s get through the worst of it first and then rethink how we can get those original blocks together.

It was noted that if people knew the need they would step up to it.

Thank you for your continued care. Beth

Heritage Park Quilt Festival

This event is postponed for now. Pauline will let us know more information as it becomes available.

quilt show

Mask Makers YYC – Note from Jo

If anyone would like to help out, the Facebook group called MASK MAKERS YYC, now has over 1700 members. They are concentrating on making masks and scrub caps, first for front line workers & then to compromised individuals. Recommended patterns are in files. They also have people that are making ties & cutting wire, picking up inventory, etc.

Blessings, Jo💜

mask makers YYC

Guild meetings cancelled for the time being

Hello, dear Guild members,

Sadly we will have to cancel our guild meetings until further notice. Our church is suspended from meetings, as well. We are carrying on with online meetings for church on our church website, if anyone is interested, Millarville Community Church

We are very concerned for one another. Please let me know if this is anything you need help with. I’m sure you are not surprised at this announcement. This is temporary until our world gets back to normal. Until you hear from us, there are no guild meetings scheduled.

Take care and keep healthy until we see each other again face-to-face!

Love to all,


March Guild Cancelled

Greetings to you all! Each one of you are important and with this in mind we are cancelling the March Guild Meeting because of the recent Covid-19 pandemic situation.

Although we do fall within Alberta’s suggested guidelines for continuing (less than 250 in attendance – at least at last count), many in our guild are at risk because of age or immune-compromise issues. Plus, how do you hold a guild event without food or coffee!!??

We very much are hoping that you are all well and are safe in your situations, whatever that may be. If there is anyone in need, please let us know as perhaps we may be able to help.

We will keep you posted regarding the April meeting currently scheduled for April 4. Please be sure to check your blog post.

All the best to each of you as we weather this current storm together. Things are well in hand with all the appropriate responses being taken by our governments and so many organizations. We can be thankful for that.

And perhaps these days can be viewed as a gift to stay home and quilt.


March into Comfort

This month is Charity/Comfort Sew Day

March 14 – Regular meeting followed by show and tell.

Join us as we put together the blocks we’ve been collecting. At the last meeting, members joined teams to put the blocks together. We need lots of people to arrange, sew, and iron. Bring your lunch and spend the afternoon. If you forgot to bring the blocks you’ve made please bring them Saturday to be included in these projects.Charity block 1 & 2Colour of the Year Block

jelly roll strips 1

Strip Poker has been moved to April meeting.

Get your WOF x 2 ½-inch strips ready for a fun game.

Set-up and Clean-up Crew for March: Eva P, Carol-Ann C, Erin R, and Michelle T.  Please remember snack and cream/milk for the coffee and tea.

Heritage Quilt Festival

A friendly reminder to our members that we need volunteers for the quilt festival:  to sit at our booth for a short shift, to help set up on Friday night, and take down on Sunday afternoon. All you need to do is talk to people who may have questions about our program and our guild. It’s a great time to meet people from other guilds and people interested in quilts and quilting in general.

 Alberta Quilt Study Society

Have you ever volunteered at a documentation day? Volunteer opportunities are available and no experience is required!
Have you ever had one of your own quilts documented? We document all kinds of quilts – new or old. Quilts are needed for discovery!
The next AB QSS Quilt Documentation day will be on March 15th at St. Andrews Heights Community Hall, 2504 13th Ave. NW, Calgary.
At Quilt Discovery Days, AB QSS members and others volunteer to document quilts with an Alberta connection. Documentation includes registration, an oral history from the quilt owner or maker, an extensive physical examination of the quilt and a photograph. The information and photo are provided to the quilt owner and will be included in The Quilt Index (

Please reply to set up an appointment to register your quilt or volunteer.
Let us know if you require any further information.

Our hearts go out to Ana

From Beth:

It is with sadness that I pass on the news of the sudden passing of Ana’s fiance, Mike. We are all very saddened and our hearts go out to Ana. Mike was known to many of us, a kind and generous man, who loved Ana greatly. He will be very missed.

Ana has given me permission to re-post the post that she made on her Instagram account:

I am devastated to share that Mike, the love of my life and best friend, suddenly and tragically passed away on Tuesday, February 11th. We are in shock and grieving. He was very much loved and will be missed greatly.

I know that you will all join me in love and prayers and whatever support is helpful for Ana and their families.

Negative Space in Modern Quilting

February 8, 2020 – 9:30 a.m.

This month’s workshop will be presented by Cheryl M. Come and learn all about negative space. This session will help you with one of the year-end guild challenges which are due in May (negative space mini-quilt).

February Trunk Show steamer trunk  

Jan B. will be showing a selection of her work through the years.

Show and Tell

Don’t forget to bring the projects you’ve been working on to show and inspire the group. Get ideas, be encouraged, or just enjoy seeing what others are working on.

Stay and sew!

Get to know your fellow guild members. Bring your sewing machine or handwork and stay and sew in the afternoon. Bring your own lunch, coffee and tea are available all day.

Charity Blocks

Be sure to bring all of the charity blocks you’ve made for the March Charity Sew Day.    Patterns are shown at end of this blog for your easy reference.

Set up crewcream

Barb dB, Shirley C, Liz L, Maxine O.

Remember to bring cream/milk for the tea & coffee.

Looking for a Quilter

We’ve been asked if there i s anyone who would be interested in m making a quilt from race T-shirts. If anyone is interested, please contact Beth S. or Jan B. for more information about the request.

Charity Block patterns

Colour of the Year BlockCharity block 1 & 2