June 2020 Clips and Snippets

How did it become June already? We’re getting close to 3 months in the “Safer At Home” world. The bright side is that now as businesses slowly begin to open up we can begin to see the return of what we used to call normal life. There will certainly be changes of course, but when do changes not happen in life.  Some we choose and others we don’t.

I think for me, more exciting than the opening of hair salons and restaurants, is the reopening of quilt stores. Not that I’ve returned to any of these yet but just knowing I can is a relief. As I swing, trapeze-like, from project to project knowing the safety net of being able to pick up supplies at my favourite quilt shop calms my spirit and pushes me on to keep going on that next project. Ok, I never said that I finish all these projects, but I do so enjoy starting them.

As we move forward, I’d encourage you to support your local quilt shop. Restock your stash. You never know when you’ll need it again. Or just do it because it brings you joy. I’ve been trying some of those Marie Condo ideas. Keep only what sparks joy. For me that makes it a certainty that my stash is safe. It brings me great joy to go through it and dream of what quilts will come from these lovely bits of fabric. SC

PS: Images shown may have the quilter cropped out. I think we’d all like to see who did the quilt as well as the quilt itself. If you do not want to have you photo displayed with your quilt (from Guild archives) please let me know by text or email. If I don’t hear from you then we’ll take it to mean that you don’t mind having your face appear with your quilt. We’ll only ever use first names and last initial in the blogs.

Paper bag challenge

brown bag

Bags will be swapped at the Nov. 2, 2019 meeting and the completed project will be returned at the May 2, 2020 meeting. This is a SECRET swap.

To prepare: You need 4 fat quarters. On a card include your full name with three words that best describe you or your style. Bring these items to the November meeting. Cheryl Mills will have a paper bag for your swap so that they are all the same. During the meeting the swap will take place. Cheryl will record swap partners secretly so that no bag goes missing.

Next steps: Create a quilted piece using the four fat quarters PLUS a fat quarter of your choice that you think will complement the project. At the May meeting bring the completed piece and the leftover material to return to the owner.

Beth S. 2019

New Plan to finish the Guild Challenges:

  • Be sure to complete the item you made with the 4 fat quarters you received plus the 1 you provided.
  • Send a phot of the project, the message or words you got with the fabric at the original exchange.
  • Provide e the name of the person who you got the “paper bad” of fabric form (intended recipient of competed item).
  • Send photos by the end of June (try for last week of June if not sooner).
  • All projects will be posted in a virtual show and tell (end of June early July).
  • The recipient and he quilter can then connect via email or telephone to work out how the actual exchange of the project will take place.

Other guild challenges

  • Negative Space Mini Quilt
  • 2020 Time Capsule Quilt

Keep working on finishing your entries. Details for how we’ll finish these challenges coming soon.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is fnqg-2019-challenge-2.jpg
June 2019 Year End Challenge Competition

June 220 FNQG Virtual Show and Tell

CQA June 2020 Newsletter

Find out what’s new at CQA this summer:

  • Volunteer positions available
  • Upcoming AGM
  • Bookkeeping RFP
  • Celebrating Canadian Quilters – A Virtual Canada Day Quilt Show
Tara M Oct 2019

2 thoughts on “June 2020 Clips and Snippets

  1. This is for Tara McClinchey from Carla Lorfing.

    Tara wrote, “I am a modern quilter who loves Vibrant colours and have a Bubbly personality.”

    Since I love vintage and reproduction fabrics, I wasn’t sure where to begin. But I was thrilled to find this pattern that just seemed to say, “Tara” with it’s clean lines to showcase her happy fabrics.

    Happy quilting, Tara and everyone! Carla

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