As full of spirit as the month of May…

That’s the start of a quote form William Shakespeare. Here’s hoping that this spirit will bring all kinds of creativity and beauty into our experience of the world this month.

Sent in by one of our members:  Thought people might be able to identify with this

May 2020 humour

Quilts for Everyday Heroes

Hello everyone;   I hope everyone is staying safe during these challenging times.  I know many of us are enjoying the time to get into our sewing rooms and work through ufos and our stash.

I wanted to send a thank you to everyone who has been so generous with their time, talent and support for our first responders.  As you well know, those on the front lines are being taxed beyond their wildest dreams and are making huge sacrifices with their physical and mental health, not to mention the toll it takes on their loved ones.

In the last week, sixteen quilts have gone out to peer trauma support groups, RCMP members, Calgary City Police, corrections officers, and firefighter/paramedics.  This couldn’t happen without your help, so thank you!  Under normal circumstances, we usually meet and wrap the majority of the heroes in the quilts, share a few tears, and experience the emotion of these first responders who so desperately need to know that what they do does not go unnoticed. At this time, we rely on contacts to get the quilts out, but know that they appreciation and support that they offer is still heartfelt.

I look forward to when we are able to gather again. Carry on with your creativity!  Show and Tell should be fabulous!

If you wish to see what we are about, our website is And we can be reached at

Kindly, Patti-JoEveryday Heroes May 2020


April 30, 2020

Hello ladies,

With some awesome teamwork by Elly, Pat S and Fiona we have the first Guild block project finished and ready to pass to Patti-Jo for the Quilts for Everyday Heroes project.  Thanks to these three great ladies and everyone who contributed blocks to this awesome quilt, you can be sure it is going to a very deserving individual!

With hugs, Chris B

FNQG annual challenges

Stay tuned for details on how paper bag challenge items can be showcased and exchanged safely. Also for the other guild challenges – we’re looking into ways that we can do a virtual showcase of wheat we’d usually do at our May meeting where we vote on our picks for best challenge entries. So you’re not off the hook in terms of finishing these challenges. Get them done and we’ll let you know how we’ll showcase them all.

CQA Memo April 30, 2020

Summary, Show in Edmonton has been cancelled. Efforts are underway to determine a way to have a virtual quilt show to present many of the quilts that would have been in the show. Read the memo for more details.  CQA Memo April 30,2020

Virtual Show and Tell

FNQG labe for slide show

May 2020 Show and Tell

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