April FNQG News

Virtual Show and Tell

Since we’ve missed 2 months of meetings and will likely miss at least one or two more – let’s have a virtual Show and Tell.  Send photos of projects that you’re working on or would have brought to guild for Show and Tell to Shirley C. She will put them together into something we can post on the blog. You can also send a quick note or story about something you learned during this time. Like when you use a plastic spatula to stir very hot, sugary desserts they melt and the dessert tastes of plastic! Note to self! Sigh.

Keep working on your hobbies and things that are fun for you. That’s a sure way to help maintain good mental health during this time of physical distancing. Get your photos or funny stories submitted by April 20 and we’ll try to get the blog with all of this out by the first week of May.

Comfort Quilts

Good morning!
I hope this finds you well and keeping busy during this most difficult time in life. I woke up early today and for some reason was thinking about the comfort quilt blocks that our members had made over the winter and that the sew day had had to be cancelled.  I was talking with PatyJo (Everyday Heroes – EMS, Police and RCMP) and as I suspected she has been receiving an increasing number of calls for quilts now.  So, my question is “can we get those blocks made up into quilts sooner rather than later and perhaps start more blocks in the fall?”

I am very willing to take the sports blocks and know of other ladies who would be willing to take other sets.  If we can get the tops made up to between 52×72 and 60×80 could we then pass them to PattyJo.  I will get backs and batting organized and find longarm-ers unless you have ladies who have already volunteered?  None of the agencies my small group usually supports are able to take quilts at this time because of the virus but I don’t know if this is the case with all agencies.  I have to come out Priddis way early next week so could connect with you if you agree with my proposal.

Thanks for hearing me out and I look forward to hearing your thoughts.
Take care,
With hugs, Chris

Note: We really can’t be in contact with one another physically – so it would need to be dropped off somehow. The other idea is to wait on the group project and ask people to make one on their own using the original patterns from Cheryl.

The church building is closed, so it would not work as a drop off. So it is probably better not to have a physical drop off right now. Let’s get through the worst of it first and then rethink how we can get those original blocks together.

It was noted that if people knew the need they would step up to it.

Thank you for your continued care. Beth

Heritage Park Quilt Festival

This event is postponed for now. Pauline will let us know more information as it becomes available.

quilt show

Mask Makers YYC – Note from Jo

If anyone would like to help out, the Facebook group called MASK MAKERS YYC, now has over 1700 members. They are concentrating on making masks and scrub caps, first for front line workers & then to compromised individuals. Recommended patterns are in files. They also have people that are making ties & cutting wire, picking up inventory, etc.

Blessings, Jo💜

mask makers YYC

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