Quilt Labels

January 14, 2017


Demonstration/Discussion by Jan Burney


Why label a quilt?

The label directly links the quilt to you. You don’t always know where your quilts will end up.

What to put on it:


  • Name of the quilt
    • Pattern name –Log Cabin;      Double Wedding Ring; or if the quilt itself has a proper name, such as All the things I love about Christmas or Tech Talk Quilt
  • Quilt maker, machine quilter, other quilters
  • Where (Place): city, retreat, class
  • When (Year): single year or span of years
  • Occasion: wedding, anniversary, workshop
  • Quotes, verses, poem, story

Types of labels:

  • Re-printed labels
  • Muslin bordered with fabric from the quilt –stabilize with freezer paper.
  • Computer generated –stabilize 8½ x 11 fabric with freezer paper before putting through the printerquilt-label-4
  •  Embroidery, cross stitch
  • Pieced using a design element from the quit such as a mini block
  •  Appliqued shapes (fish, rings)
  • Mini version of the whole quilt
  • Orphan blocks



  1. Figure out on paper firstironing-labels
  2. Lightly draw lines and placement of words with pencil on label
  3. Use micron pigma pens
  4. Iron to set the ink

Images from Google Images


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