The Challenge is over for the year with over 500 quilt projects being finished!! That was our major goal for the year. That’s an average of over 10 projects per member! And I think it would be equitable for those who completed over 100 quilts to distribute them among those of us who did not complete such a staggering number of quilts.

Pulling ahead on the final day, Saturday, the winning team (with no small thanks to some very productive quilters – names beginning with G & J!!) is………

 B Team

At this time, TEAM B would like to take the opportunity in advance to thank TEAM A profusely for their participation in the 2016 UFO challenge and would personally like to thank TEAM A for their careful attention to recipe collection and execution over the coming month in their efforts towards the planning of a simply amazing potluck that will tantalize the taste buds of their fellow guild members, otherwise known as TEAM B.

potluck 2.jpg

There are still 4 more challenges for the Wind UP on June 11:

  1. An Improv Quilt
  • Must be an original design –not from an existing pattern
  • Use only fabric from your stash
  • The quilt should depict one of these elements: fire, water, air or earth.
  1. The Carole Lawrence Challenge:  A Needle Case

Create a unique needle case in any style you like: appliqued, pieced, embroidered… the sky’s the limit.

  1. Jelly Roll Challenge

This quilt must be made entirely from a jelly roll or  other 2½” strips. It can be any design you  choose.

  1. Challenging Block Quilt

Make a quilt using either the New York Beauty, Double Wedding Ring or Circle Block.

Thanks Dawn for Leading the Fidget Quilt Workshop Fidget quilt.jpg

Many thanks to Dawn B for leading the workshop on Saturday. A number of quilters remained and made some very creative Fidget Quilts that will be much appreciated by those who receive them. Dawn did a great job of helping everyone with thinking through the design with a specific person in mind as well as their caregivers. Lots of materials were provided to make the quilts interesting and appropriate for use.

Hostel Update from Shirley                                      Hospice.jpg

In addition, Shirley H has spoken with the Hostel about donating both placemats and wall hangings for the Hostel to brighten it up and make it a warmer environment for those using it as a home away from home. They are thrilled and delighted that we would want to do this – so let’s help make the Hostel a friendlier place to stay by making some placemats and wall hangings for the walls – both for the common rooms and the bedrooms.

UFO Challenge for 2016-2017   UFO.jpg

There was more discussion on UFO’s at Saturday’s guild meeting. We thought it would be fun to do it again next year. So we will start the new UFO Challenge right away and will run the challenge from May Guild Meeting 2016 to May Guild Meeting 2017. So keep track of those projects! More details to follow.

Chinook Country Quilters Annual Showquilt show.jpg

Monday, June 6th, 2016

10:00 AM – 3:00 PM

St. Peter’s Anglican Church, 31 Riverside Way, Okotoks



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