Guild Day Saturday, May 14, 2016


Tomorrow is Guild Day – Yeah!!

9:30 at Millarville Community Church.

We’ll start with some quick “Things You Ought to Know” about up-coming guild events and then a fun show n’ tell time.

Dawn will then lead us in some quilting for Alzheimer’s & Dementia Patients. Please bring lots of things to sew on the fidget Quilts as outlined in the last post – similar to a Quiet Book, if you’ve ever made one of those – lots of texture and things interesting to  the touch. And we’ll need some sewing machines as well as some hand sewers.

Set up and Clean up this month are Gwynneth R., Cheryl M., Kathy K. and Chris B. Set up crew please arrive around 8:45. Full details are on the blog site.

Don’t forget our upcoming challenges for June:

  1. Improv Quilt
  2. Carol Lawrence Challenge: a Needle Case
  3. Jelly Roll Challenge
  4. Challenging Block Quilt

The UFO TEAM Challenge ends Saturday – so bring all your finished projects for the wind up of the challenge tomorrow. Just a reminder that June Challenge Quilts should NOT go into the UFO TEAM Challenge.

See you all tomorrow!!




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