Fidget Quilt Day at Guild, May 14

What is a fidget quilt?

A fidget quilt or activity mat or fidget apron or fidget pillow is made with a variety of textures and fabrics and generally has attachments of buttons, zippers, Velcro, lace etc to help calm and entertain a person with dementia or Alzheimer’s.

For those who would like to participate, we plan on making these at Guild Saturday, May 14th.

Please contact me if you have any ideas, suggestions or questions.

Dawn Bolger    403-271-9554

There are many examples and pictures of these items on the internet.

Here are two links to see images and instructions for activity mats:


Important Guidelines:

  1. Everything on the quilt/apron should be washable. Please prewash all fabric and, if possible, attachments that will be used.
  2. Flannel or fleece work well as a non slip backing.
  3. Use a variety of textures but do not use really rough fabric (sandpaper was suggested on one website!) because as we age our skin is generally more fragile. Constant rubbing might create problems from really rough fabrics.
  4. Choose a variety of elements so that someone with a short attention span will be able to stay interested in the quilt.
  5. All items must be fastened very securely to the mat. Use strong buttonhole thread or crochet cotton to sew on items like buttons.
  6. Do not attach items that might be too hard for the person to use. Check that the snaps and zippers and buttons work easily.
  7. Attach a strap so that the quilt can be attached to a wheelchair or walker or bedrail. Constantly dropping the mat would be a problem.
  8. Make it interesting but not chaotic. Do not include too wide a variety of colours and patterns.


Supplies Needed:

As can be seen from the pictures a wide variety of fabrics and attachments make the quilt more interesting. Different items to attach like zippers, buttons, pockets, spools on cording, ribbons, snaps and Velcro all make the quilt more interesting.

Please pre wash any fabric or items that will be attached to the quilts.

Please bring your normal sewing supplies including scissors and cutting mats and any of the following, if you have some, to share with the group.

  • Fleece or flannel for backing. My supply of this is limited.
  • Heavy duty button hole thread (large needle makes this easier to use)
  • Different kinds of interesting, textured fabric. I do not have any corduroy or denim so if you have some that would be great. “silks” and satins
  • Ideas and enthusiasm
  • Any interesting ideas for attachments. Metal attachment rings (key chain)
  • Sturdy ribbon and lace, empty thread spools, large colourful buttons,
  • Old blue jean back pockets,
  • Interesting orphan blocks

Supplies I have, and will bring, include:

  • Zippers, Velcro,
  • Minky and fleece remnants
  • Squares of suede like fabric mainly beige, navy blue and brown
  • Batting pieces
  • Cording
  • Small stuffed animals (a box of beanie babies!)
  • Other possible interesting attachments
  • Other fabrics for squares ..fake fur, fleece, interesting cottons etc.
  • Copies of instruction sheets for fidget quilts, fidget aprons and pillows.

It should be a great day.  Thank you in advance for helping to support older members of our community!



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