Guild Day Tomorrow

Tomorrow we quilt!!

Double Wedding Ring

Gather together at 9:30 AM for a beautiful sunny day of enjoying each other’s company around a little quilt talk.

Beth is doing a demo on Double Wedding Ring Quilts. There is more to the Double Wedding Ring than traditional quilting – yes, we can make it modern, too. If you have a quilt with the Double Wedding Ring Pattern used as a technique, please bring it so that we can see this beautiful block in its many variations.

.Victoria Findlay Wolfe

Set up and Clean up this month is Pat S., Patsy F., Elle de N., and Linda de B. Remember what Mary wants!!

Some of you were asking about the protocol for Set up and Clean up. Here it is:

  • Arrive at 8:45 AM
  • Stay until clean up is finished
  • Bring a snack for coffee time – suggestions are baking, cheese & crackers, Fruit or Veg Trays, more baking
  • Bring Cream and milk for coffee/tea
  • When you arrive, start a 30-cup coffee urn and the small coffee pots (both)
  • Get the water boiling for tea (kettle & the Hot Water Urn)
  • Use the water from the filtered taps
  • Stack the chairs on east side of the room
  • Set up sewing tables (located behind the doors in the coffee area) – Usually 2 together to make squares. There should be about 5 or 6 sewing centres.
  • Set up a table on the stage for the demo
  • Clean up involves putting away all the coffee & tea paraphernalia
  • Running the dishes through the sterilizer (directions on the door above the sterilizer)
  • Vacuum the used area – especially the threads where we were sewing and the crumbs where we were eating (vacu-flow in the utility closet near the bathrooms)
  • Remember to keep a happy heart – this is a chance to do something for each other that really makes a difference
  • If you can’t fulfill your duties, please exchange with another member who can – so that no one is left doing it alone. It really does take 4 people to do it all. It is up to you to find your replacement.


Here are some quilt show announcements from other guilds you may like to attend:

Country Lane Quilters’ Guild at the Christ church, Hwy 549 E., Millarville – May 14th, 1 – 4 PM, $5.00, refreshments, door prizes.

Battle River Quilters’ Guild: “Creative Reflections” Quilt Show – Chuck Maclean Arts Centre, 4805 – 52 St, Camrose, $5.00, Merchant Mall, raffles, refreshments.



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