Christmas Party at the Guild – Saturday, Dec 12

Just a reminder of our Christmas party tomorrow at Guild!! One of the best of the season.

We start at 9:30 AM with show n’ tell. Then we have our gift exchange and then the unbeatable potluck. (Those with food allergies/intolerances feel free to bring your own meal/food that works for you). There’s no sewing after, so we are typically done about 1 PM.

Set up/clean up this month is Mary D, Dianne M, Janet M, and Shannon M. Please remember the cream/milk. But it’s a big load in the kitchen, so we can all help with clean up.

The gift exchange is (#1) potholders/mitts (whatever) using Insul-brite, and/or (#2) a small quilt no larger than 60″ perimeter. Please make sure you label your handwork somehow so that the memory lingers long after the exchange. The gift exchanges are optional, but it is a wonderful thing to have some memories in your home from your fellow quilters.






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