Placemats for the Tom Baker Cancer Centre

We had some discussion around the need for placemats by Meals on Wheels at the last guild meeting. It seems like they are fine for placemats for the time being and perhaps there was another charity in need of the placemats.

Shirley H. had found out that there is a need for placemats at the hostel connected with the Tom Baker Cancer Centre. The following is from Shirley:

“Most people who stay there are there at their home away from home for a long time.  While I was able to supply quilts and pillows etc. to make it comfortable for the time [she] was there, many do not have that luxury.  The cooking is done in a common kitchen/dinning room on each of the 3 floors.   We have checked with the hostel and they would welcome the place mats to add a little coziness.

So, I would be happy to take them to to hostel if the guild would like to donate them to the Foothills Hostel.”

This seems like a good idea, so it would be great if we could give the placemats we have to Shirley to take there. I’m not sure who has the placemats right now, but maybe whoever it is who has them could connect either with Shirley or myself and that would be a worthwhile home for them.

If there are any concerns about that, please feel free to connect with me, otherwise, we’ll go ahead with that plan.

It’s great to help others when we are able to do so – you are all so very generous.




One thought on “Placemats for the Tom Baker Cancer Centre

  1. Hello Everyone, I have the placemats that were given to me at the last meeting. I will get them to Shirley. Just a quick suggestion for everyone regarding place mat size. Place mats should be no bigger than 13″ x 18″ . We found at our sale in October that most people do not want them any bigger because of table size. Great idea! Thanks to everyone who is making the place mats. Dawn

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