YES! YES! YES! It is that time of year again! Finally Even more Quilt Meme Favorites | Quilting Sewing Creating: we are back together for another fantastic year.

Our Theme this year is “SEW TOGETHER”. All the planning was done at our open meeting in August. Shannon made a wonderful afternoon tea for us with delicious additions from some of the others. Thank you to everyone for a very productive and creative time.

Jan B put all the ideas together (and there were a lot!!) into our program for the year. The unveiling of the new program will be this Saturday at our first meeting (9:30 AM). And it is SO EXCITING!! There is something for everyone.

It is also a POT LUCK – so bring a favorite dish to share – main dish, salad, or dessert, or anything else loitering about in your fridge.

We hope you are able to come and join the happy group and, as always, feel free to bring a friend.

If you haven’t already paid Mary, the membership for the year is a mere $40. So make sure you bring the moola, or send it by snails to Mary (payable to the Flying Needles Quilt Guild).

Set up starts at 8:45 – this month it is Jan B, Shirley C, Shelly N, and Barb deB. Please remember to bring cream! This month we need to set up tables for a pot luck, and chairs for our program. No machine sewing to worry about for this one. Everyone should pitch in for clean up, but it would be nice for the set up & tear down crew to give it all oversight. Thank you!
Sure, bring the family over! Susan's working on a quilt, so bring your own food and dishes. And a folding table if you have one.:

See you all SATURDAY.


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