Reminder: May 10, 2014

The final spot on our Quilts Around the World trip is Ireland with Donna.  Can’t wait.
Don’t forget to bring your show and tell.  And bring your sewing along to spend some time in the afternoon working on your latest project.  Maybe your Challenge projects for this year.
Set Up: Barb, Denise, Janet, Carol B
A Note to our set up ladies: Please remember to bring cream for the coffee.  Please be in contact with each other to confirm who will be bringing the cream.  Thank you so much.

For June we are two people short on the set up crew.  Are there two people who would be willing to fill those spots?  Please let Mary know at the May meeting.  


Some Notes from Mary:

In November, when Trish did her presentation on the EPP, there was an Old Grandmother’s Flower Garden quilt that came from one of our members.  If that if your quilt, would you consider bringing to the May meeting and allowing us to use it in our display for the Heritage Park show?

If one of your quilts is being used at our guild table, please remember to bring it to the May meeting.

Looking forward to seeing everyone.







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