Meeting Minutes: March 2014

Another great guild meeting for the month of March.  So many wonderful quilts, conversations and projects.

Amish Country Demo

Thank you to Jan for a wonderful Powerpoint presentation on the Amish Country quilts.


Charity Quilts UPDATE:

More of your wonderful Compassion Quilts found new homes this month, one going to a Carla G’s Mother and to a young man who is now in hospital after an accident he was in on Highway 1.  Betty’s friend Courtney says Thank You for the quilt she received upon the passing of her mother.

Again we would like to thank our quilters Janet, Kelly and Trish for all their hard work on the quilting.  Thank you again to the binding ladies for all their work as well.  And finally, thank you to those who continue to bring quilt backs, binding and batting for the projects.

Next Instalment of  Charity Work – The Placemat:

Using our 9.5″ orphan blocks we will create a finished placemat quilt top measuring 13″x17″.  There will be only ONE exchange for this charity project.  If you have taken a block please complete the 13″x17″ quilt top and bring it back in April.  In April we will return it to the “owner” of the block who will add batting and backing and quilt it using a sandwich style so there is no binding.

People who are currently participating are: Pat S. Carla, Betty, Louise

Heritage Park Quilt Show May 24-25, 2014

The theme for this year’s guild table will be: Quilting Education and Something old/Something New.

If you are able to LOAN a modern quilt for the booth please let Mary know.

We are in need of volunteers at the table for the 9:30-1 slot and the 1-5 slot.  Please let Mary know if you are available.

Does anyone have a large piece of clear plastic to cover the table?  Unfortunately, ours went missing last year.  Please let Mary know.

Does anyone have small modern quilts or other small items to fill out the table display?  Perhaps some MUG RUGS?

We will also include a charity quilt in our display this year.

Basically – speak to Mary with questions.

In Other News….

On June 11 at the Bloomin’ Inn in Pincher Creek: Harriet Hargreaves is doing a machine quilting class.  See Mary for details as she is already attending.

To see the neat binding technique Gwynneth shared check it out HERE

And don’t forget about the Ujamaa Grandmas Fabric and Yarn Sale Friday April 25, 4:30-7:30 and Saturday, April 26 9:30 – 3pm

February Meeting: April 12 , 2014 where we travel to Africa with Shirley H. 

Set Up: Janice, Louise, Helen, Zena


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