Meeting Minutes: February 2014

Another great guild meeting for the month of February.  So many wonderful quilts, conversations and projects.

Japanese Quilt Demo

Jen shared the Sashiko quilting method from Japan and the origin of the form.

Arigatō to all of you who where there to listen.  Here is the finished tortoise  shell that was shared in the demo.


Vignette Stitches Club: Magazines are available if you need to borrow one.  Please speak to Beth.

Charity Quilts UPDATE:

More wonderful charity quilts were finished by Janet and Kelly and sent to the wonderful ladies who will be binding them.

Thank you also to Trish for making the lovely labels.   We were able to send another one to a good home thanks for the suggestion from Betty.

Next Instalment of  Charity Work: Be ready for MARCH (sorry about dropping the ball in Feb).

Idea #1:    If you wish to participate, you would contribute a rectangle block/panel of some sort.  Each round a border would be added all the way around – like a round robin.  These would be made into a quilt.

Idea #2:   Using an orphan block we would add to it until it became a placemat (13″x17″).

In MARCH bring your orphan panel or rectangle/block to guild and the next round will be decided.  Remember to leave a 1/4″ seam allowance around the block/panel.

Possible Charities:

* Meals on Wheels for the placemat (13″x17″)

* Neo Natal Quilts: 30″x30″.  Need a pocket on the back to fit a 4″x6″ photograph

Heritage Park Quilt Show May 24-25, 2014

Joan Statz  is providing the workshop this year.  Lorraine Stagness is the speaker at the dinner this year.  Sandra Krysalowich is the quilter of distinction.

Mary will purchase some tickets for the dinner.  If you wish to attend the dinner this year please contact Mary.

If you are able to help with the booth at the meeting of the guild or help with set up and take down please let Mary know.

In Other News….

February Meeting: March 8 , 2014

Join Jan for a trip to Amish Country.

Set Up: Laura, Pat, Shirley C, Barb deB


5 thoughts on “Meeting Minutes: February 2014

  1. What a great group! It’s amazing all the projects we are getting done for charity! We’ll decide what to add to our block/panel for charity at the next guild meeting in March.

    • It is so Maui. Its why I love it too. Unfortunately, there is no pattern. The design was pre-printed onto the fabric. It came with the printed fabric, needles, floss and instructions. Sorry. I found them in the Maui quilt shop and that fabric store in the mall (Sew Special Queen Ka’ahumanu Center, Kahului). I found the turtle in Sew Special.

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