Meeting Minutes: November 2013

So lovely seeing all of you at the meeting in November.

Thank you all again for your understanding about the last minute change to the program in November.


A Note from our Sunshine Lady Linda Boz.  

If any of you have small vases or tea cups or other items that might be nice for flower arrangements and have no need for them any more please bring them to guild.

Linda will put them to good use for the flower arrangements that she makes for our guild members.

If you know when a member is returning to guild and you know they will be receiving a flower arrangement please let Linda Boz. know so she can bring the arrangement to that meeting.

A Note from Mary

* Please ensure that you have signed up for set up/clean up crew

* Please don’t forget to pay your membership fee

Clarification about SET UP/CLEAN UP

  • Please arrive at 8:45 a.m
  • Please make Coffee – Direction for making the coffee are on the side of the fridge and the access to the usable water is in the lower cupboard to the right of the sink (Don’t use the tap water, it won’t poison us, it just doesn’t taste very good.)
  • Please set up the tables for the sewing – The tables are located in the kitchen and behind the stair and under the stage at the front of the church (you can see the separation in the step where you can pull it out. You need 2 people for this little manouver as its a little awkward).
  • Please take down any tables or chairs where no one is sitting. – They should be returned to their original places at the conclusion of the day.   (4 tables in Kitchen and the rest under the stage.)
  • Please do the Dishes and Vacuum before you leave – Dishes should be washed and put away and the coffee emptied before the church is locked up as well as the general area vacuumed.
  • Please find a sub if you are unable to make that meeting

Please feel free to stay and sew in the afternoons.  We have the church until 4pm.  If the set up/take down crew start taking down before 4pm, please feel free to stay.  DON’T FEEL RUSHED.

Just ensure that:

  1. your table is put away
  2. you have vacuumed your area
  3. cleaned any dishes that you held on to and put them away
  4. ensure that someone will lock the church door
  5. close the gate once you leave

Charity Quilts – Our goal is to have the tops complete for the December meeting.

AMENDMENT to border dimensions (I apologize, I misunderstood the directions from last month).

Last Border: 5.5″ on sides, 7.5″ on top and bottom

Second Last Border: 3.5″ on sides, 5.5″ on top and bottom

  • Quilts should be roughly 51″ x 65″ with the last border on
  • Janet will be quilting them for us – YEAH JANET!
  • In December please help us finish them by either bringing BACKING or BATTING (61″x 75″)
  • Once back from Janet we will then bind them
  • If you worked on the last border of the quilts and have about 1/2 meter of fabric, please consider saving it for binding

Where Women Gather

Next WWG meeting is November 17 from 1-4pm.

December 14: Christmas Exchange and Potluck

Don’t forget to work on your Candle Mats for the December challenge.  We will begin with a show and tell, our exchange and potluck.

Set Up/Take Down Crew for December: Mary, Dianne M, Shannon, Karen R.

We were so fortunate that some of our members brought some show and tell items.

Carla BROUGHT SHOW AND TELL.  It took her 9 years to complete it.  She even dolled it up with SPARKLE spray. A NOTE: The Tulip Sparkle Spray is the best.  The Tattered Angel is not good – so avoid.  Carla also learned what a selfie is….

Linda brought this fab quilt she did for a friend’s birthday.

DEMO: English Paper Piecing

Thank you Trish for the brilliant demo on EPP.  We learned so much.

This is the technique by Mickey Depre

If you would like to see more photos from our guild meetings check them out here. 

See you in December.


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