Quilts Around the World

Welcome everyone to another exciting year at The Flying Needles Quilt Guild.

The planning committee has come up with a terrific program for you that we hope you really enjoy.

This year we will be taking a TRIP AROUND THE WORLD through quilts.  We will be looking at the quilts and quilting techniques from England, Hawaii, Japan, African, South Africa, Ireland and the Amish Country in America.

Each guild Saturday will begin with a show and tell, followed by a demo and time to sew the afternoon away.  The exception to this is our Wonderful Potluck Meetings in September, December and June.

Our schedule for this year is….

September 14: First meeting of the year – Show and Tell; Program Presentation; Potluck; Garage Sale with Donna

October 12: Trip Around the World with Jen – See a demo on how to construct the Trip Around the World quilt

November 9: England with Trish

December 14: Christmas Exchange – Show and Tell; Christmas Exchange; Potluck

January 11: Hawaii with Denise

February 8: Japan with Jen

March 8: Amish Country with Jan

April 12: Africa and South Africa with Shirley H.

May 10: Ireland with Donna

June 14: Final Guild Meeting of this year – Show and Tell; Challenge Showcase Potluck

 The monthly schedule can also be found on the Current Program Page

Our Challenges for this year are:  (please click the link for more details about each challenge)

We will also be hosting a club this year, run by Beth, making the Vingette in Stitches Quilt by Leanne Beasley.

Looking forward to a terrific year with you all.


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