Christmas Exchange 2013: Candle Mats

Christmas Exchange: Candle Mats

What are They?

A candle mat is a MINI QUILT that is a used as a mat (placemat) for your candle – like a fancy coaster.

Exchange Info:

For this exchange you will be finding a CANDLE (fun, plain, pretty, funny, cute) and creating a MAT that will compliment it.

Maybe you will use the same motif/shapes/pictures, color, theme to create your MAT.


  • Must be made of GOOD QUALITY COTTON Material
  • Wool Felt, wool or cotton
  • If using COTTON – Needs to be layered like any other quilt – Top, Batting, Backing and Bound Neatly
  • If using wool or wool felt – you do not necessarily need to use batting to complete it
  • These can be pieced, appliqued, embroidered, embellished – just ensure a Candle can rest FLATLY on the MAT
  • They can be round or square
  • Circular mats must be a diameter of 8”-12”
  • Square mats must be 8″x8″

On Exchange Day

  • You will be gifting your Candle and matching mat to some lucky person.

Here are some examples of Candle Mats


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