Brown Bag Challenge 2013

The Brown Bag Challenge 2013

brown bag

Create a FINISHED quilt using the fabrics in a brown bag while adding 1 meter of your own fabric that will compliment the fabric that are found in the brown bag.

However, this year you will not be creating your quilt for a certain individual. Instead you will be creating a FINISHED quilt that SOMEONE ELSE from the brown bag challenge group will get.

Basically, in June all the brown bags, with FINISHED quilts, will be returned.  Each person who brought back a brown bag will get to select a brown bag from the pile and that will be their finished quilt.  Meaning – it might not be the quilt made with the fabrics that you brought originally.

In The Brown Bag 

  • 4 fat quarters
  • Your name so we know who to credit the fabric to

The Details

  • Each participant will be selecting a brown bag – please do not put your name on the outside of the bag.  Instead please put a note inside the bag so we know where the fabric came from.
  • Each participant will add 1 meter of fabric that compliments the four fat quarters in the bag
  • Each participant will create a FINISHED quilt for the June meeting using the 4 fat quarters and the 1 meter of fabric (pieced, quilted, bound)
  • In June the finished quilts, in a brown bag, will be brought to the meeting for exchange


  • Please include a label on the back of your quilt listing who made it, who the fabric came from and the year it was complete.  Feel free to add any other details you feel is important.  For example that it was a brown bag challenge
  • FOLLOW THE RULES – do not put fabric in the bag that EQUALS 4 fat quarters.  It isn’t fair to the person who gets your bag to have smaller cuts of fabric it limits what they can do.  Just put in the 4 fat quarters!

 If for some reason you are not able to continue with the challenge once you have signed up please contact Jen to make arrangements.  


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